Energy Management System

Metallurgical and mining enterprises are enterprises with high energy consumption, besides, energy operation systems and use status shall have significant impacts on enterprise costs. Real-time control of energy consumption can help companies find potential safety hazards. The system achieves centralized management of the energy, integrates with measurement systems, and timely collects actual performance of energy. Managers can maintain complete control of the energy operation, carry out scientific scheduling and effective energy analysis,and support management decision-making.

Main functions:

The energy management system provides many functions including: energy measurement, forecasting, planning, scheduling, monitoring and analysis, enables enterprises to establish a set of energy forecasting models and energy input-output models for businesses, optimizes the energy structure, and achieves maximum energy efficiency. Meanwhile, through all kinds of energy indicators, it analyzes product energy consumption, tons of overall ore energy consumption and process energy consumption, etc, promptly takes measures to improve the efficiency of the energy system.

Energy information automated processing, energy information table and graphical analysis, and energy information dynamic inquiry. Data collection provides a combination of automatic collection and manual input, and promptly displays energy distribution in the working position in the form of an energy network diagram

The energy management system provides a variety of development and statistical methods, carries out calculation, comparison and analysis referring to energy consumption plan, shows results to users in graphical form, helps users monitor the implementation of energy plans according to the current actual production, and makes appropriate adjustments if necessary. It coordinates the energy supply, including outsourcing and self-produced energy. It not only meets the energy needs of the production process, but also reasonably avoids peak load, thus the purpose of cost savings is achieved.

System characteristics:

The centralized and distributed storage of collected energy data ensures data continuity, integrity, security, reliability, and consistency. Energy monetization and indictor assessments are used to accumulate and gather the collected energy data, and then form and analyze graphs of energy itemized consumption for the leader's reference.

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