Comprehensive Security Monitoring System

The integrated protection monitoring system is an important part of the substation integrated automation system, which primarily provides real-time remote monitoring for the substation integrated automation system, sounds alarms and records abnormalities, delivers statistical storage of all kinds of energy data, and provides raw data for energy cost statistical accounting of enterprises while conducting safety monitoring.

Main functions:

. The system provides data communication with high and low pressure integrated protection, watt-hour meter, and DC panel via RS232/422/485 serial interface and ethernet interface, as well as CAN bus. After program processing, it is sent to a monitoring background via network or serial port according to the communications protocol standards specified by the instrument.

. The main interface display of the system protects the equipment configuration diagram, the system conditions diagram, and the main electrical wiring diagram. Timely display the operating condition of the main equipment, the trend direction and real-time parameter values, real-time report forms, periodic statistical report forms, and trend curve tracking through a diagram. It can deliver a statistical summary of various types of real-time data, store and print them according to multiple cycles.

. It provides flexible alarm modes: the alarm point can be flashing, change color, produce animation and sound effects. It provides alarm including: overrun alarm, accident alarm, condition alarm, and various types of alarms which can alert the corresponding station or information chart to start the accident remembrance and print.

System Characteristic:

Scalability: The system provides data interfaces for databases, XML, etc. Energy-intensive enterprises can further implement extended functions of energy management, and production management based on integrated protection monitoring.

Versatility: The software applies to remote monitoring of the most integrated power protection systems on the market now. The flexible configuration and system settings can provide remote monitoring services for users in a short period of time.

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