DF-6420 Ultrasonic (Slurry) Concentration Meter


DF 6420 Ultrasonic Concentration Meter permits the continuous non-contacting measurement and process control on the concentration of various suspensions without a radioactive source. The upsets of slurry bubbles and flow rate are removed via unique technology. Pipeline, intrusive, split and full flow type of meter are offered to fulfill demanding applications in many industries, including, refining, mining, coal, pulp and paper, chemical and food processing, environmental engineering, and power sector.


Ultrasonic amplitude varies with solid content and particle sizes in pulp when waves pass through homogeneous suspension. Under some circumstance, attenuation is in proportion to concentration of liquid. Therefore, concentration can be measured via ultrasonic attenuation caused by suspension.


• Accuracy 2% one sigma
• Resolution 0.5%
• Measuring range 0 %-70% depending on medium properties
• Calibration Primary calibration before delivery, a second calibration on site
• Reading item concentration, warning alarms
• Analogue output 4~20mA,750Ω max
• Relay output high or low concentration warning, 120mA,250VAC
• Communication RS485
• Power supply 220VAC, 50Hz
• Enclosure rating IP65(Host unit)
IP68 (pipeline transducer), >IP68(intrusive transducer)

• Temperature range for probe:-20-60℃; for transducer :-10-70℃;
• Humidity range 0-95%
• Pressure Max 0.5MPa

Features and advantages

• Strong anti-interference performance due to complex ultrasonic detection.
• Unique technology ensures high accuracy via removing disturbing factors caused by variations of particle size, temperature, and flow rate.
• Digital ultrasound transmission with multi-frequency ensures high reliability without drift.
• No radioactive source, running more safely
• Advanced detection principle ensures a highly reliable measurement.
• Transducers are equipped with many covers to prevent abrasion, ensuring a longer service life.
• Simple installation and calibration
• Offering various specifications to fill different installation demands.

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