Radiation Portal Monitors

DF-6501 Series Radiation Portal Monitors is an intelligent instrument specially used to monitor the radioactivity of things on vehicles, which uses a large volume, high-sensitivity detection cell, with a very low false alarm rate. The whole system is easy to operate with a small on-site maintenance workload, it has long-term stability under harsh working environments.

DF-6501 portal vehicle radiation monitoring system

DF-6502 portaltrain radiation monitoring system

Working principle:

Radioactive elements in the decay process often produce a γ-ray. In case a person accesses the radiation monitoring system, it contains no radioactive material. The natural background radiation intensity received from the detector will fluctuate within a fixed range. Conversely, when the vehicle contains radioactive substances, γ-ray intensity exceeds the normal fluctuation range. A portal radiation monitoring system determines whether vehicle contains radioactive material by monitoring the changes in γ-ray intensity.

Technical parameters:

γ Detection energy range: 25kev~3Mevn;

Vehicle speed: Less than 10km/h(can be manually set according to the actual situation), automatically measures the background radiation when there is no traffic;

Monitoring area height: 0.1meter~4.5meter;

Monitoring area width: DF-6501≤5 meter ;DF-6502≤6 meter;

Non-detection has lead shielding;

Operating temperature: -40℃~50℃(outdoor)

Equipment protection grade: IP65;

Power supply: 220V AC

Operating humidity range: 0~95%( non-condensing)

False alarm rate:less than 0.1%;

Alarm mode: super-threshold sound, light alarm; User adjustable alarm threshold;

Vehicle speeding alarm: with vehicle speed alarm function, provides information display, speed alarm can be set;

Locates suspicious radioactive source: provides positional reference information of suspected radioactive substances in car.

Application fields:

The system, with a high sensitivity and a low false alarm rate, can further screen out radioactive material that is mixed with other materials. It is applicable for any place in customs, iron and steel industry, quality inspection port, nuclear power plant, or warehousing passage, access way in public safety area, etc. where radiation monitoring is needed.

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