Cement intelligent factory solution

Combined with batching system, analyzer data, ore resource positioning and navigation technology to achieve intelligent dispatch management of mine production and equipment.

Establish 3D digital ore model and visualization model (including surface engineering model, open-pit mining realm model, ore model, drilling database, etc.) to realize the digital management of geological survey data and maps, orebody modeling, optimization of production and exploration, 3D optimization of open-air boundary design, production stage design, preparation of mining schedules, open stope acceptance, dynamic reserves management and ore calculation.

In the aspect of mining design and planning: According to the geological survey results, at the same time as the rapid production of the DTM model of the open-air boundary status, the exact amount of ore is quickly obtained, the daily mining production design is performed, and the mining system is visualized in 3D to form a design report. The distribution calculation is carried out and the results are output to the truck dispatching system for intelligent homogenization.

According to the schedule of ore-laying day, the proportion of trucks and shovels dispatched, the production capacity of trucks and excavators, output capacity of crushing stations, and other production requirement settings, etc., the amount of electric shovels in each explosion zone is automatically planned; according to each shovel Plan out ore output, strictly control the interval of each shovel, automatically optimize the command and dispatch of loading and unloading of each truck and truck, and complete the production day plan according to quality and quantity; According to the actual allocation results, there is no unloading under the condition of heavy vehicle, the system will automatically schedule its standby at the crushing station. When the conditions are met, the system will automatically issue the unloading instructions to ensure that the target of fine chemical distribution is achieved.

A belt weigher and on-line level analysis equipment are installed on the crushing outlet belt to perform real-time detection of the ore results to replace other sampling and testing procedures. The inspection results are fed back to other links so as to timely adjust the ordination plan, the amount of electric shovel mining output, and vehicle scheduling to ensure the stability of the matching results.

Batching and Measuring

Raw mixing was tested on-line on the belt under the raw material silo. The batching program automatically adjusts the ratio of raw materials according to real-time detection results and control indexes, which can stabilize the quality of raw materials, and is conducive to high-quality and stable operation of the firing system; automatically according to the lowest cost program ingredients, reduce the cost of raw materials; weaken or even cancel the pre-blending yard.

1. Raw mix

The analyzer is installed on the belt under the ingredient warehouse, real-time monitoring raw material composition and quality parameters of raw meal, optimizing the batching software according to the indicator setting value and the analyzer monitoring value, automatically give the optimized ratio parameters and automatically adjust the ratio of raw materials In order to stabilize the production process and improve the quality of clinker, the raw material components are not set within the scope of the index.

2. Accessories testing

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Application location:Coming Accessories

Measuring Functions:Samples are taken from the sampler on the belt or car, and accessories such as silicon, aluminum, and iron are tested on-line off-line.

Control Functions: The raw materials are stacked and used together according to the test results

System benefits:

1. Monitor the quality of accessories online

2. Early understanding of raw material taste, timely adjustment of the ingredients program (silicon, aluminum correction enabled)

3. Helps to stabilize follow-up accessories

Product application
  • CRH Yatai group

    CRH Yatai group

  • LafargeHolcim, Huaxin group

    LafargeHolcim, Huaxin group



  • LafargeHolcim Ternate

    LafargeHolcim Ternate