Digital Mine Solution

The characteristics of digital mine solutions are the digitization of basic information, the virtualization of production processes, the integration of management and control, and the integration of decision-making processes.

DFMC takes the lead in undertaking the national 863 science and technology research project—“Digital Mine Key Technology Research and Demonstration”.

In the unified space and time, the real-time automatic acquisition, high-speed network transmission, standardized integration, 3D visualization simulation, automatic operation and intelligent decision are completed by the real-time 3D digital measurement and control of mine people, machines and environment. The digital mine has the ability of self-analysis and decision-making in the entire mine, and makes the mine, machine and environment run in a highly coordinated entity, realizing the visualization, automation, intelligence and unmanned operation of the entire mine production management process, so as to achieve the goal of high production, high efficiency and safety.

Digital mining

DFMC is committed to using a new generation of information technology to accelerate the intelligentization of mine informatization and rapidly promote the integration of informatization and industrialization. DFMC builds a digital, intelligent production command and dispatch platform for mines, establishes a high-reliability security monitoring and early warning support platform, develops a highly efficient information management platform, and builds an information exchange platform for management personnel to production equipment to achieve mine cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, and safety, modern management to promote the sustainable development of mines.

Open-pit mine

Mine-dispatching system Batching system Bucket high-precision positioning and grade control system Automatic drilling and depth detection system for drilling rig

Underground mine

Six security systems Locomotive dispatching system Unmanned driving system Trackless vehicle scheduling system

Digital processing

In view of the characteristics of complex, nonlinear, time-delay and multi variable coupling in the whole process of ore dressing, the intelligent mineral processing system covers the key control links, such as crushing, grinding classification and selection, and forming a full set of automatic control system for the entire process of ore processing. For the key factors affecting the on-site production process, the system adopts the advanced neural network and support vector machine algorithms that are independently developed by DFMC in the field of automatic control to estimate critical data and establish a soft measurement model for grinding classification and flotation processes. At the same time, the correlation analysis of field data, combined with the production process conditions, the use of expert rules, fuzzy control, rule self-learning correction and other technologies to form an expert control system, can realize the optimization of the processing control.

System overview

Crushing automation control system Grinding and classifying automatic control system Beneficiation Automation Control System Concentration and filtration automation control system Entire processing automation control system Grinding expert control system Flotation expert control system Tailings safe remote online monitoring system
Product application
  • Severstal,Okatysh JSC Karelsky, Russia

  • Daye Nonferrous Group digital mine master plan

  • Yantai Xintai Digital Mine overall design and the implementation of the first phase of the project

  • Yichun Luming digital mine overall design and the implementation of the first phase of the project

  • Petropavlovsk plc, KIMKAN, Russia

  • Masteel Zhang Zhuang digital mine general plan

  • Angang Group Wuyang mining digital mine master plan

  • Hunan Gold Group digital mine project design