Thermal Power Plant Fuel Intelligent Control Solution

Intelligent control of fuel is a very important construction module in the construction of intelligent power plant. The online detection of coal quality is the top priority in achieving intelligent control of fuels.

The whole process of fuel management is the key link of intelligent fuel management. Through the integrated use of intelligent equipment, modern information technology and scientific and technological means, the fuel management of all aspects of equipment linked together to achieve the entire process of automation and information; It realizes seamless connection, unattended operation of management links, automatic generation of management data, real-time network transmission, real-time monitoring of the whole work process, and improvement of fuel management efficiency. The functional requirements of smart power plants should include features such as digitization, information, visualization, and intelligence. Smart power plants widely use modern information processing and communication technologies, intelligent measurement and control technologies to maximize the safety, economy, efficiency, and environmental protection of power plants. Smart power plants are the goal of further development of digital power plants combined with intelligent systems.

Online Coal Quality Detection Technology and Application

DFMC is the only company in China that controls both neutron activation prompt gamma analysis (PGNAA) and prompt and fast thermal neutron activation pulse analysis (PFTNA). The neutron-activated online coal quality analyzer developed using this technology can perform online detection and analysis of all coal, all elements, and full indicators of all materials flowing through the belt. Each minute provides information on the composition of sulfur, ash, moisture, and calorific value. The instrument is of great significance for the management of incoming coal and the blending management of coal and mixed coal and the control of production process in thermal power plants.

On-line analyzer typical field application- Coal Blending Analysis.

1. Real-time online detection of key indicators of coal quality such as ash, moisture, calorific value and sulfur etc.

2. Reduce coal quality fluctuation

3. Make the components of the mixed coal close to the design target value.

4. Coal feeding: provide direct guidance for the coal blending process, optimize coal blending, maximize blending of inferior coal, and reduce coal costs.

5. Optimize combustion: Stabilized coal quality, improve safety and economical operation of equipment.

6. By monitoring various elements such as K and Na and various industrial indicators in coal, early warning can be provided to reduce the probability of accidents such as non-stop and flameout coking.

7. Control sulfur content to satisfy environmental protection process requirements.

On-line analyzer typical field application---Coal as Received Analysis

1. Real-time online detection of key indicators of coal quality such as ash, moisture, calorific value and sulfur etc.

2. Detect the coal quality timely. Different quality of coal sent to different coal piles according to detection results.

3. The measurement process does not require sampling, sample preparation and testing, which can save time and labor.

4. Provide timely and accurate data for coal yard management, which is facilitated for scientific management

5. The follow-up stable coal blending can be guided.

Product application
  • NTPC Limited, India

  • CCTEG Shenyang Engineering, China


  • ACRE Automation Co., Ltd,China