May. 12, 2020

An automation project in non-ferrous metal industry

A group has 780,000 tons molybdenum metal resources. The mine production scale is 50,000 tons of ore per day, 15 million tons of ore per year, and 22,500 tons molybdenum concentrate annually. The beneficiation adopts SABC grinding + molybdenum flotation process. The main equipment includes 10.97x7.16 meters dual motor driven semi-automatic mill, 7.32x11.28 meters dual motor driven ball mill, 320 cubic flotation machine and other equipment.

A group's integrated automation control system adopts advanced PCS large-scale redundant distributed control system, redundant communication looped network, high-precision online detection & analysis instruments and actuators, etc., and combines advanced control modes such as fuzzy control, neural network control, and mineral processing expert system. The method realizes the automatic detection and control of production data in all steps of beneficiation, stabilizes the production of beneficiation plant, improves ore processing capacity, improves the concentrate grade, and increases metal recovery rate. The integrated automatic control system is combined with the production process video monitoring system, tailings pond online monitoring system and production scheduling system, through the report system, data remote transmission, web publishing and other technologies to improve the management efficiency and level of enterprise, and promote integrate IT application with industrialization.

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