May. 27, 2020

A Chinese ecological, environmental protection, tourism, digital mine automation project

This group's 1.5 million t/y lead-zinc mining and ore-dressing project changed the traditional mine construction ideas during the construction process, strictly in accordance with the national green environmental protection mine construction standard, and used for reference and absorption of the most advanced equipment and cutting-edge technology in China and abroad as basis, established a construction concept of ecological, environmental protection, tourism, and digital mines, forming a high target positioning, high design standards, high technical foundation, high environmental protection and safety protection, and new concepts, new designs, new equipment, and new processes, management of the new "four high five new" development concept, and strive to build a domestic first-class, world-leading modern green mine.The group has 30 million tons of lead and zinc mineral resources, the service life is 30 years, a lead metal content of 0.36 million tons, and has 1 million tons zinc metal content. The mine production scale is processing 5,000 tons of ore per day and 1.5 million tons of ore per year. The beneficiation adopts SABC grinding + flotation process. The main equipment includes 7 × 3.5 meters single drive semi-automatic mill, 5.03 × 8 meters single drive ball mill, 70 cubic flotation machines and other equipment.

The group's integrated automation control system adopts advanced DCS large-scale redundant distributed control system, high-performance fault-tolerant Ethernet, high-precision online detection & analysis instruments and actuators, etc., which realizes automatic detection and control of production data in all aspects of mineral processing, and stabilize the production effect of beneficiation plant, improve the concentrate grade and increase the metal recovery rate. This group comprehensive automatic control system is combined with video monitoring system, underground personnel positioning system, tailing pond online monitoring system and production scheduling system during the production process. Through the reporting system, data remote transmission, web publishing and other technologies, this will improve the enterprise management efficiency and level and also promote the deep integration of informationization and industrialization.

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