Jun. 09, 2020

An automation project of a group company

The coal processing plant at a group company is consists of raw coal system, main washing system, filtering process, concentration process, product system and loading system, etc.

The automatic control system realizes all equipment start-up backward sequentially, stop sequentially, adopts three control methods which are centralized start-up, local start-up, remote start-up. At the mean time it realizes all equipment state real-time measurement, centralized failure alarming, improves equipment utilization rate and reduce failure rate and trouble-shooting time, largely decrease the labor intensity of workers. The control system adopts advanced measurement and control technology, realizes automatic following and control of heavy media turbid liquid density heavy media processing technology, dynamic water supplement, precise media ratio adding, automatic pressure balance and media barrel liquid level balance. Reduce heavy media materials consumption and production cost while ensures suitable classification effect. Improves working environment. Realizes automatic coal arrangement in bunker and intelligent coal loading functions through real-time ash content analysis and bunker level alarming.

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