Jul. 14, 2020

A subsidiary of mineral processing group company -- The largest comprehensive non-ferrous metal company in Asia.

 First phase designed production scale is 4000t tin sulfide copper ore daily capacity, produces 33.5t tin concentrate, 109.6t copper concentrate and 1325.7t sulfur concentrate per day.

The system consists of eight sub-system covering crushing, semi-autogenous mill, rod mill, flotation, gravity separation, dewatering, air supply and water supply. The automation system realizes integrated interlocking control of all equipment through measurement of equipment status of sub-systems, key process parameter analysis and key process control. It can know at real time and predict equipment failure, thus to ensure continuous and stable running of all production process. It also ensures continuous full-load production of key equipment such as semi-autogenous mill, rod mill, flotation machine and gravity separation machine. By monitoring the PH value and element grade of multiple points during flotation, it builds up completed dosing system.
The successful application of the project enables the company improves its management, production and automation level to world advanced level. The system is the technical guarantee for downsizing for effeciency.
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