Jul. 29, 2020

Automation project of X Group -- the first copper molybdenum concentrator with a daily processing capacity of 85000 tons in alpine regions of China

 The project is the first modern large-scale copper molybdenum concentrator in China's alpine regions. The main mineral is copper, and the associated minerals are molybdenum, silver, gold, etc. the first and second phase projects have been completed with a daily processing capacity of 85000 tons. The process flow of SABC grinding + copper molybdenum mixed flotation + copper molybdenum separation is adopted. The main equipment includes Φ 11.0 * 5.4m double motor driven semi autogenous mill, Φ 7.9 * 13.6m double motor driven ball mill, 320 cubic flotation machine, Φ 43 m high pressure deep cone thickener, etc. The integrated automation control system adopts advanced PCs large-scale redundant distributed control system, redundant communication ring network, high-precision on-line detection and analysis instrument and actuator, etc., to realize automatic detection and control of production data of each joint in mineral processing. The ore image analyzer is used to detect the particle size of coarse crushing products to realize the optimal control of the gyratory crusher. Based on the advanced fuzzy expert system universal platform, closely combined with the production process, through the technology of fuzzy control variables, expert introduction rules, self-learning and correction of rules, aiming at the grinding process of SABC, the optimization control of feeding amount, feed block ratio, grinding concentration and particle size optimization of hydro cyclone are realized to ensure the mill operation effectively In the premise of ensuring the grinding fineness, the ore processing capacity can be maximized. In view of flotation links, foam image analyzer is used to extract important information such as foam size, color and moving speed. The flotation machine also achieves stable control, liquid level optimization control and aeration quantity optimization control. It improves the stability of flotation, improves concentrate grade and increases metal recovery rate. The data of the integrated automation control system is uploaded to the enterprise management network, which further optimizes the operation mechanisms of management, operation and human resource allocation, promotes the "integration of industrialization and intellectualization" and improves the management level.

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