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X-Ray Ash Analyzer (AA-XRAY)




Using X-ray absorption principle and X-ray fluorescence technology, using X-ray tube as excitation source, through measuring the scattering intensity and characteristic X-ray intensity of X-ray interacting with coal seam, the ash content in coal can be quickly calculated by special algorithm.

  • National Radiation exemption certification: the product does not use radioactive source, no radiation is generated when power is off, it is safe and reliable.

  • Less influence factors and wider application scope: the principle of combining X-ray fluorescence technology with X-ray absorption and the measurement method of reflection and transmission are adopted to solve the influence of element content change, coal thickness and density change on the measurement.

  • Fast analysis speed: real time detection results are output, which solves the lag problem of traditional acquisition, processing and industrialization.

  • Less maintenance: modular design, simple installation and less maintenance.

  • Participation in DCS control industrial Ethernet communication mode, which can be connected to the field DCS control system.

Installation conditions

Ambient temperature: - 40 ℃~ 40 ℃

Ambient humidity: ≤ 95%, non-condensing

Power requirements: three-phase 380 ± 10%V,50 ± 2HZ

X-Ray Ash Analyzer is suitable for online measurement in coal mines, coal washing plants, coal preparation plants, coking plants, coal-burning power plants and coal wharf, etc.

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