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Automatic Ball Feeder (DF-JQ)


Reasonable ball feeding mechanism is one of the important ways to improve the production capacity of mineral processing. In the traditional production process of mineral processing plant, ball feeding is completely done by workers manually, which is not only labor-intensive, but also difficult to achieve the best strategy due to the limitation of objective conditions on site. Therefore, DFMC has carried on the application research for many years according to the requirements of the concentrator, continuously improved and developed Automatic Ball Feeder series intelligent ball feeding machine.

The control system adjusts the ball adding interval according to the number of steel balls needed for the ball mill operation. The transmission motor starts, drives the ball claw on the chain to lift the ball in the ball box to the ball outlet and add it to the ball mill. When the ball passes through the counting plate, the counting switch generates a counting signal, and the system records the data.

The mechanical structure of Automatic Ball Feeder is shown in the picture:

It is composed of ball box, motor, reducer, gear, roller, counter plate, ball outlet, chain, ball claw, vibration motor, etc. The ball claw on the chain is driven by the motor to lift the steel ball in the ball box to the ball outlet, and touch the counting board to realize the measurement of the number of added balls. When the ball is not added smoothly, start the vibration motor to avoid the ball stacking in the ball box.

Application industry: mining industry.

Application solutions: solutions for mill load conditions. 

Application scenarios, problem-solving: the load status detection of the first, second and third-stage mills in the grinding operation area in the beneficiation industry, it is responsible for providing stable and accurate analysis data to the grinding control system.

The ball claw of Automatic Ball Feeder adopts independent patent technology, which can grasp the ball accurately, stably and durable. According to different models, it can grasp the ball with a diameter range of Φ 20mm~ Φ 180mm steel ball or 40mm ~ 70mm steel forging. The system has taken many measures to ensure the safety of the machine, such as adding a professional protective cover for the chain, using matching chain according to the model, semicircle ball bin bottom and transition ball bin, etc. It effectively solves the problems of ball jam, ball blocking and cannot add small ball. The control system of pelletizing machine can expand the network communication function, and can realize the transmission of real-time data to the process control system to realize remote control, which fits the whole factory automation.

Equipment Size

Size of control cabinet of ball feeder: 1200x600x400mm (L*W*D)

Size of ball feeder:

Motor Power

Motor power: 2.2kW (diameter of steel ball) Ф 150- Ф 180)

1.5KW (diameter of steel ball) Ф 20- Ф 120 and steel section)

Vibration motor power: 1.1KW (steel ball diameter) Ф 150- Ф 180)

0.75KW (diameter of steel ball) Ф 20- Ф 120 and steel section)

Ball feeding speed

Ball feeding speed: 1-600 hours (diameter of steel ball Ф 80- Ф 180)

1-3000 hours (ball diameter Ф 20- Ф 60 and steel section)

Power supply

Motor power supply: AC380V, 50 Hz

Power supply of control cabinet: AC220 V, 50 Hz

Touch screen and controller power supply: DC24 V

Control system and HMI

PLC is used as the controller, and touch screen is used as the man-machine interface.

PLC controller has integrated technology for calculation and measurement, closed-loop control and motion control. It is a very powerful system, which can realize various types of automation tasks. The controller realizes modular and compact design, with powerful function, safe investment and fully suitable for various applications.

The HMI adopts high-quality color touchable screen with high-speed communication interface, which can display and set the parameters of the Automatic Ball Feeder machine.

Mill operation is a very important link in mineral processing production. It is an operation with large investment, high energy consumption and large steel consumption in the mineral processing plant, and the mill production capacity and product quality directly affect the technical and economic indicators of the mineral processing plant. Whether the loading amount and proportion of grinding medium in the mill are suitable or not is an important factor that directly affects the grinding production capacity and product quality. As far as ball mill is concerned, under the optimal filling rate, the output of the mill is relatively high, the product fineness meets the requirements, the power consumption per unit product is the lowest, and the technical and economic benefits are in the optimal state. Reasonable ball loading and ball feeding system is one of the important factors to improve grinding efficiency.

This product is suitable for ball feeding control of mill. The field practice results show that the intelligent ball feeding machine system runs smoothly, has high ball feeding precision, effectively avoids the phenomenon of ball sticking and blocking, and the operation is more humanized.

Automatic Ball Feeder series intelligent ball feeder system uses a special low-speed motor to drive the metal chain to rotate to add balls. Through the control of programmable controller, it can adjust the ball feeding amount in time according to the ore handling capacity and mill load to achieve the best effect. The control system of pelletizing machine can show the situation of pelletizing in the form of trend and report for the reference of technical personnel, control the best pelletizing ratio data, overcome the shortcomings of manual pelletizing, reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the steel consumption and power consumption of grinding, and bring direct economic benefits for the concentrator.

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