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Wheeled Inspection Robot


Wheeled inspection robot is a comprehensive system combining AI, automatic control, machine vision and IoT technologies. It is a good replacement of human inspectors who can only carry out regular inspections, avoiding the influence of complex environment factors such as narrow space, noise and safety hazards. The inspection results are not affected by subjective consciousness, personal experience and emotion, nor constrained by monitoring methods, data recording and data analysis. The system maximizes safety and the ability to protect equipment. It is a significant development of inspection system and will be a great assistance for safe production

a)      Wheeled inspection robot is operated without tracks so it can travel autonomously in a defined area with high flexibility. Therefore it has to possess with high level of localization and control.

b)      Using LIDAR SLAM technology to build maps in real time.

c)      LIDAR + depth camera technology for obstacle avoidance and local path planning.

d)      Edge computing technologies to equip the device with model inference capabilities.

e)      Chassis technology: bus control, steering-in-place, etc.



a)      Mobility: the robot can move back and forth, with speed regulation, start, stop and steering functions.

b)      Inspection mode: manual / automatic inspection mode

Human operator controls robot for inspection remotely in manual mode.

Inspection robot carries out inspection according to preset instructions in automatic mode.

c)      Data storage: Historical data storage, available for query.

d)      Video acquisition: The system can collect and display the images of motors, bearings, fuel stations, etc. at real time.

e)      Sound acquisition: The robot can collect sound information when the equipment is running, and send an alarm when the equipment is not running properly by analyzing the information of the sound.

f)        Thermal imaging image display: The robot can collect and display thermal imaging images at real time.

g)      Temperature measurement and fire point detection function: the system has thermal imaging temperature measurement and fire point detection function.

h)      PTZ control: the robot equips with PTZ control, magnification, focal length control function.

i)        One key return: No matter what kind of working state the inspection robot is in, it will suspend the current task and return according to the pre-set path as soon as one key return button is activated.

j)        Alarm: Audible & visual alarm will be triggered if any abnormality in the detection data of sensor are detected.

k)      Communication: Standard industrial communication protocols to upload all kinds of status and data.

l)        Obstacle avoidance: The robot can stop walking in time when it detects the approach of people or foreign objects that affect the operation.

m)    Autonomous charging: The charging of robot can be done by the charging equipment in the conveyor belt. The robot will automatically go for charging when the battery is low.

n)      Intelligent identification: The robot has intelligent identification function (based on deep learning algorithm) to tell abnormal working conditions based on pre-trained model.

For inspection and meter reading in computer rooms, power distribution rooms, or any dangerous places where it is not suitable for people to enter

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