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Ultrasonic Density Gauge (DGU)


Ultrasonic density gauge (DGU) is dedicated to the detection of slurry concentration in the mineral processing industry. The meter is directly installed on the slurry conveying pipe section of the flotation feeding, concentrate, tailings and other process links in the beneficiation to achieve online real-time detection. The measurement result is accurate and reliable. 

Ultrasonic density gauge (DGU) is a necessary instrument to detect density parameter to realize self-adjustment, real-time quality monitoring or real-time statistics of production in closed-loop control of production.

1.Large particle size span: The frequency selection technology of the invention patent eliminates the interference of particle size and it can measure the particle size of 30um~1mm.The first, second and third-stage ore beneficiation can be applied to ensure the application accuracy under different working conditions.

2.Large concentration span: The conventional measurement range is 0~65%, some sites can be designed to cover 75% according to the on-site process conditions, such as iron ore sand, thickener underflow, ect, which have unique technical advantages at high concentrations.

3.Large pipe diameter span: Patented structure design,DN50~DN900 pipe diameter is universal, performance is not affected by pipe diameter, material, ect.

4.Complete process coverage: Multi-point 3-curve calibration is used, which is closer to the on-site process than 2-point (3-point) single-curve (2-curve) calibration, with more complete measurement coverage, good dynamic tracking and high accuracy.

5.Built-in sampler: Good sampling representativeness, meter calibration and accuracy verification are more accurate.

Application industry: Beneficiation industry: suitable for the detection of ore, concentrate and tailings of dozens of minerals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, manganese, tungsten, and nickel.

Application solution: online detection of suspension concentration and density. 

Application scenarios to solve problems: 

1. Cyclone classification: online concentration detection is an important prerequisite for the control of the feed concentration of the cyclone. It can improve the working efficiency of the cyclone, improve the classification effect, reduce the risk of abnormal phenomena such as clogging, running rough or idling, it can ensure mineral processing efficiency and quality through the comprehensive deployment of the on-site DCS system, the adjustment of the mill's ore, water supply and the pump pool water replenishment, it plays an important role in the optimization of the grinding and beneficiation system. 

2. Concentration machine underflow: online detection of underflow concentration completely solves the need for frequent sampling and testing of the concentration system, realizes real-time monitoring of the concentration effect, avoids abnormal phenomena such as high and low concentrations of ore draws. The DCS system is used for joint dosing. The discharge system can improve the concentration and dehydration efficiency of the concentration tank, reduce the risk of harrowing and blockage caused by excessive concentration. 

3. Flotation feed: the concentration of ore slurry is an important process parameter in the flotation process. By controlling the flotation feed concentration to make the concentration range in a better concentration, it can effectively increase the flotation recovery rate, reduce the reagents and reagents per ton of ore. The consumption of water and electricity improves the quality of concentrate.

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