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Ultrasonic Density Gauge (DGU-II)


Ultrasonic density gauge (DGU-II) is used for online detection of concentration and density of solids-liquid mixed suspension, which is indispensable for the process of self-adjustment of process parameters, real time quality monitoring or real time production statistics in close-loop control of production, it can widely used in the detection of the concentration or density of suspension in the medium system of the coal preparation industry and the coal slime water system.

DGU-II is based on the principle of ultrasonic transmission attenuation. It detects the concentration and the density of continuous solid-liquid two-phase flow. 

DGU-II uses non-nuclear detection ultrasonic as the detection signal, it integrates multiple technologies such as ultrasonic composite detection technology, digital multi-frequency signal generation and detection, envelope energy algorithm and multi-level software filtering algorithm to eliminate solid particle size influence. 

DGU-II has the advantages of good adaptability, high precision, large measuring range, simple installation, calibration, sturdiness and durability, etc., all those features ensure DGU-II can operate stably under severe working conditions.

High accuracy—it adopts multi-points 3-curve calibration,which is close to the on-site process and it has a good dynamic tracking performance;with a sampler,the instrument calibration is more accurate.

High stability—envelope energy algorithm and multi-stage filtering algorithm are used to eliminate the interference of occasional bubbles and effectively improve the stability of online measurement of ultrasonic products.

Wide applicability—DN50~DN700 pipe diameters are universal and performance is not affected by pipe size and material.

Durable-—the sensor is protected by special material,wear resistant and corrosion resistant.

Application scenarios: Suitable for concentration and density detection of suspensions such as mixed media, thin media, coal slime water, tailings coal slime water, etc.

1.Dense-medium cyclone: On-line density detection is an important prerequisite to realize the control of the feeding density of the cyclone. It can improve the working efficiency of the cyclone, improve the classification effect, reduce the risk of abnormal phenomena such as blockage, run rough or idling, it ensure that the processing efficiency and quality of medium coal preparation, through the comprehensive deployment of the on-site DCS system, stabilizes the density of the medium and adjusts the coal intake, it play an important role in the optimization of the coal preparation system. 

2.Flotation feed: The density of coal slime water is an important process parameter in the flotation process. By controlling the concentration of the flotation feed to make the concentration range in a better concentration, it can effectively increase the flotation recovery rate and reduce the consumption of chemicals, water and electricity. Improve the quality of clean coal and reduce the amount of coal running out of tailings. 

3.Tail coal slime water concentration: Online detection of the underflow concentration completely solves the need for frequent sampling and testing of the concentration system, realizes real-time monitoring of the concentration effect and avoids abnormal phenomena such as high and low discharge concentrations. Through the DCS system combined with the dosing and discharging system, the concentration and dehydration efficiency of the concentration tank can be improved, the risk of harrowing and blockage caused by excessive concentration can be reduced.

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