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X-Ray Fluorescent Elemental Analyzer (EA-XRF)


X-Ray fluorescence analysis technology and dispersion analysis method are used to generate complex X-Ray mixed energy spectrum by exciting various elements in the material. The energy spectrum analysis technology is used to find the element type and content in the measured material and the instrument eliminates the need for complexity. The cumbersome sample processing process directly analyzes the slurry and quickly gives the analysis results which can participate in and guide the automatic control of the production process.

1.Real-time: The vast majority of China X fluorescence analyzers are "offline" laboratory analyzers. Few of them are used on-site and also "By-pass" meters which must be sampled, dried, and sieved. A series of complicated sample pre-treatment processes such as grinding, sample preparation, etc., analysis results can only be obtained after several hours and the data results have a large lag. This product can complete the measurement of a certain flow channel in 1~3 minutes. 

2.Reliability: The room temperature semiconductor detector (SDD) is adopted, which has the same energy resolution as the silicon lithium drift semiconductor detector under liquid nitrogen at room temperature, avoiding the silicon lithium drift semiconductor detector in the imported multi-element analyzer. The necessary liquid nitrogen refrigeration device greatly reduces the intensity of on-site maintenance, guarantees the safety of the operators. the long-term operation of the instrument is stable and reliable. 

3.Strong representativeness: Reasonable design of the measuring device, the liquidity of the slurry in the measuring tank is good, the mixing is uniform and the measurement result accurately reflects the real situation of the slurry. The company can provide various types of samplers according to user needs: gravity flow samplers, pressure samplers, reduced sampling stations, configuration samplers, etc. 

4.Adaptability: The measurement is not affected by field factors such as concentration, particle size, bubbles, speed, stratification, etc., it can adapt to various industrial sites with complex conditions and harsh conditions. 

5.Developed novel nuclear electronic technology and nuclear energy spectrum analysis technology which can analyze and process the complex energy spectrum generated after multiple elements are excited, it can also eliminate the mutual interference between different elements.

6.Stable working status, high analysis accuracy, strong reliability, simple operation, convenient maintenance and user-friendly software interface. 

7.Compared with similar foreign products, it has obvious price advantage and it is more convenient and faster in after-sales service. 

At the same time, it detects the content of iron, copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, nickel and other elements in the pulp and the detection accuracy reaches the international advanced level. Compared with similar foreign products, this product has stronger on-site adaptability, less maintenance, more stable performance, more thoughtful and timely service. At present, the product has been applied in many well-known mining enterprises and it has played an important role in stabilizing and improving product quality, improving metal recovery rate, improving management level and saving cost.

1.On-line real-time detection of slurry flow can be carried out. 

2.Analyzable element types: various elements with atomic number 20 or more. 

3.Analytical element content range:  to 0.001%. 

4.Relative error: 0.5% to 10%. 

5.The repeatability and long-term stability of the counting rate of the ray energy spectrum ≤0.1%. 6.Adapt to material flow temperature: 0~40℃. 

7.Adapt to ambient temperature: 0~40℃. 

8.Adapt to environmental humidity: 0~90%. 

9.The basic parameters of equipment size: specific design according to pipe diameter, flow, installation location, etc. 

10. Supply conditions: 

a. Grounding requirements: independent grounding wire, ground resistance <4Ω. 

b. Voltage requirements: 220V/380V. 

c. Water requirements: clean without suspended particles; 0.4MPa<water pressure<0.8MPa.

d. Gas requirements: clean continuous gas source; 0.6MPa<air pressure<0.8MPa. 

11. Number of steams: 2~12 streams are optional. 

Application industry: Metal mine beneficiation industry.

Application solution: Find out the type and content of elements in the slurry material. 

Application scenarios, problem-solving: directly analyze the slurry, quickly give the analysis results, participate in and guide the automatic control of the production process.

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