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Byline Elemental Analyzer (EA-COALBL)


Byline elemental analyzer (EA-COALBL) is a type of byline detection and analysis equipment independently developed by DFMC. It adopts Neutron Activation Prompt Gamma Analysis (PGNAA) technology, which is mainly used for incoming coal detection. It can provide real-time analysis data of sulfur, ash, moisture, GCV and other indicators, which plays an important role in improving the quality control level of users.

EA-COALBL is usually used to analyze the coal being transported by truck, train or ship, so it always use with an auger sampler together. The coal is automatically sampled and then prepared by the built-in mechanism of EA-COALBL, and then sent to the laboratory for analysis. The whole process only takes less than 10 minutes.

With EA-COALBL, users can effectively supervise and control the coal quality from the origin. As a result, EA-COALBL is widely used at loading stations, coal harbors, cement plants and steel plants.

1.Taking samples automatically and randomly.

2.Only takes 10 minutes from sampling to output results.

3.Provide key parameter data for production.

4.Dual-loop temperature control and automatic spectrum stabilization technology.

1.Taking Samples from Vehicles

2.Taking Samples from Conveyor Belt

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