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Cross-Belt Elemental Analyzer (EA-MINERAL)

The metal ore has a complex composition and in order to make comprehensive use of it during processing and smelting, the composition and content of the elements (Cu, Fe, S, SiO2, Al2O3, CaO, etc.) need to be tested. The traditional laboratory testing method requires several hours of sampling, laboratory preparation and analysis, with serious delays in results. Moreover, only a very small part of the material flow is used for sampling, which is not very representative.


EA-MINERAL cross-belt elemental analyzer is an online testing instrument. It is used in the production process where the measurement of the mineral composition is needed. It is modular designed and can be easily installed around the belt without the need to cut the belt. During operation, the belt runs through EA-MINERAL and all material flowing through it is tested. The whole process is carried out without sampling, without touching the material, without affecting the belt operation. It is rapid analysis of the elemental composition of the mineral with results given every minute. According to the real-time information of the EA-MINERAL, the production process can be effectively controlled and improved, the production cost can be reduced and the metal recovery rate can be increased.


(1) Comprehensive: EA-MINERAL measures all the material passing through.

    Traditional assay analysis uses only a very small portion of the material to represent the entire material stream, the result is poorly representative.

In contrast, the results of EA-MINERAL are highly representative. As the entire material stream is tested, reflecting the full range of material information. The overall error is much smaller than with conventional assay analysis. EA-MINERAL can eliminate the sampling and testing process, reduce the labor intensity of workers, guide the production, and learn the incoming mineral grade at all time.

(2) Fast analysis: test results can be given every minute, no sampling and sample preparation required.

    EA-MINERAL provides results in real time and with rapid feedback. The composition value of the material passed in the previous minute will be measured and displayed, reflecting the change trend of material composition in time.

(3) Stability: non-contact measurement ensures long-term stable operation.

    EA_MINERAL is installed across the conveyor belt, the material flowing through the channel of analyzer does not come into contact with the detector, reducing the mechanical failure rate. The detector adopts constant temperature control measures, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the detection system.

EA-MINERAL was successfully applied to a copper mine of Western Mining Group in 2021. This site integrates mining, mineral processing, smelting together. DFMC undertook the intelligent mine construction project for the site and EA-MINERAL was installed on the incoming belt after crushing. The measured data correlated well, R2 = 0.998, with good trend consistency.

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