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3D Modeling System


The 3D modeling system is used for real-time three-dimensional digital modeling of homogenized quarry of limestone, sandstone, raw coal, etc., quality tracking and calculation of the composition of the reclaiming section. The system uses technical means such as the stacker and reclaimer to install positioning devices and scanning devices to accurately monitor the whereabouts of materials, combined with the real-time detection results of the material components on the online analyzer, perform three-dimensional digital modeling of the grade of each component of the pile. Accurately calculate the grade information of each reclaiming section and perform feedback control on the DCS/intelligent quality control system. 

1.Three-dimensional digital modeling of quarry. 

2.The grade analysis of each component of the quarry. 

3.Accurately monitor the whereabouts of materials. 

4.Quality tracking of quarry. 

It is used to accurately detect the quality of the raw materials into the pile, realize the quality tracking of the raw materials and provide a reference for subsequent production. 

System functions

Real-time information display 

Provide real-time work information of the stacking and reclaiming work site, such as stacker-reclaimer status, position, unloading port grade, reclaiming section grade and other information, while providing an integrated interface, other parameters can be connected to the system, in the system interface to display.

Automatically build a three-dimensional stacking model

According to the detection value of online analysis, combined with the position information of the stacker, the data is sent to the upper computer and the upper computer software automatically performs real-time three-dimensional modeling according to the measurement data to form a block model.

3D modeling example of circular quarry

Three-dimensional simulation grade display

The system visualizes three-dimensional modeling of stock piles, distributors and reclaimers. At the same time, it can distinguish materials of different grades in different colors and display them online through three-dimensional simulation to form a three-dimensional model stacked in different colors. 

Section grade data display 

The system supports multi-section data display. The user can cut the three-dimensional model on the system according to actual needs, move the mouse to any position of the cut section, automatically calculate and give the distribution index of limestone quality of any reclaimed section of the stockpile. 

Grade composition analysis

According to the component indicators of the current reclaiming surface and several subsequent reclaiming sections, analyze the required grade information of each component and feed it back to the production scheduling command system, DCS or intelligent quality control system to guide the subsequent raw meal ingredients. 

Data management

The system stores historical data, it can sort, count and analyze the data, which is convenient for guiding production and decision-making.

Multi-view display 

The user interface is displayed with a three-dimensional simulation system, which gives users a multi-view, multi-dimensional image and intuitive display of the grade distribution of the stockpile.

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