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MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a production-oriented integrated information system located between the resource planning layer and the field control layer, which can realize the integration and connection of business system and control system.

DF-MES mainly coordinates the upper and lower links of production and integrates various business management, which makes up for the blank of traditional business system which only aims at plan making and has no execution and feedback unit. It is an execution system to ensure the completion of plan. In DF-MES, production plan is further decomposed into assignable, executable and measurable planning units, which are used to guide on-site production and performance appraisal. At the same time, the system tracks every important link of the production site synchronously, records relevant events and data in real time, and feeds them back to the production management personnel at all levels or the upper system. So that enterprise managers on the spot production situation to do everything in detail, do in the grasp.

DF-MES integrates all kinds of information systems scattered in the enterprise, and integrates valuable data on the production site with the network resources and other production applications of the enterprise. Information is no longer scattered, but is effectively extracted, integrated and utilized within the enterprise. Provide real-time production data for all levels of production management personnel. Through intelligent analysis and tracking of production data, we hope to continuously tap the potential of equipment and operation, improve production efficiency, to reduce production costs, to increase production and to reduce unplanned downtime, to continuously improve management objectives and to achieve lean production.

Production plan

It covers the sub functions of making, decomposing, querying, changing, maintaining and actual completion of production plan. It is a complete closed-loop system of planning, control, feedback and adjustment, which can ensure that the production plan can really guide the production operation in the whole production process.

The plan content is carried out around the organization of production, including production plan, operation plan, quality index plan, technical index plan, etc.

Production scheduling

Command production according to production plan and equipment operation status, monitor production control process and equipment operation of each process, organize and coordinate production cooperation among each process, find out problems or possible problems in production process in time, coordinate maintenance and safety units to solve problems, and ensure production safety, order and smooth progress.

Process monitoring

Establish a process flow display system to monitor the main equipment operation parameters and important process operation status in real time. The process flow and equipment operation (equipment image diagram) are displayed graphically, and the start and stop signals and main production materials information of the equipment are collected and the production process on site is reflected in a visual way.

Production statistics

Browsing business reports by department can form daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports and other statistical periodic reports and irregular statistical data, including real-time production data statistics, process index calculation, unit consumption statistics and other technical and economic indicators, and three rate statistics of key equipment. The system can automatically calculate the key data for the management personnel reference according to the needs and has certain analysis function.

Production technology

It mainly manages electronic documents such as mining design, process plan and technical assessment, including classified catalog management, document retrieval, version management, borrowing control, etc.

Energy management

To realize the collection and management of energy information of various production plants, water, electricity, gas, coal, etc. through the collection and analysis of energy data, the energy consumption process is displayed, which helps users to judge the energy consumption abnormality, and alarm the abnormal energy consumption and equipment abnormality in time. After the digital instrument of the process is equipped, the system has the ability to calculate the energy consumption of single machine, calculate the efficiency of equipment accurately and manage the expansion ability of the energy consumption of the process.

Material consumption

The cost assessment of production unit can be realized by integrating all data of material consumption in workshop, including raw materials, consumables, pharmacy, large spare parts, etc. combined with budget management. This part can be viewed by all material consumption in a workshop, or by single material. At the same time, according to the user's needs, the material quota, spare parts recycling / scrap and other businesses can be added.

Equipment operation

The equipment operation module shall record the planned and unplanned production shutdown events in strict accordance with the data entry and data confirmation process. The system classifies the time, phenomenon, reason and other data of equipment shutdown. It can help users trace the equipment abnormality and comprehensively count the operation status by storing the key operating parameters of the equipment in real time.

Quality Assurance

To realize the management of important business processes such as quality inspection and testing in the production process. Collect, calculate and summarize quality data, alarm the abnormal of key data, realize the functions of data statistics, analysis, release, sharing, quality inspection and test report printing. It is divided into laboratory data management and online quality data management.

Safety management

Safety production is the first important thing in industrial production. Safety management can be used by managers at all levels by establishing online monitoring system and developing manual input report system. The system improves the quality of safety management and avoids accidents by means of safety monitoring, safety warning, quality standardization, hidden danger investigation and tracking treatment, etc.

Weight measurement

The mine production includes a large number of measuring and checking equipment, including the scale, flowmeter, track scale on the production line and the metering equipment used for settlement between the factory and the company. DF MES weighing measuring module can collect real-time flow data of measuring instruments through automatic interface, bus or special interface of instrument, and provide data base for production scheduling and production statistics, and realize unified supervision of logistics tracking and related equipment and optimize material management process.

1.Field visualization

Real time monitoring of production process, optimization of workflow and improvement of equipment visualization

Provide comprehensive and detailed production report as the basis for managers' decision-making

Provide timely and accurate quality information report of the whole process

2.Stable production

Real time control of the production process, coordination of all aspects of production

Master unplanned equipment downtime in time to provide information support for improving equipment utilization

Track all kinds of production events and improve operation status

3.Improve operation capability

Comprehensive, timely and accurate access to first-line workshop data, improve user management efficiency

Make the production plan more reasonable through timely tracking and comparison

Multi dimensional analysis of historical data to ensure timely improvement of production operation and management objectives

4.Comprehensive integration of mine information

Summarize the production data of DCS, PLC, SCADA, truck dispatching and other control systems

Integrate business information of equipment, scheduling, product, cost, etc

Set up a unified platform, integrate six systems of resource management, safety and risk avoidance, ERP, EAM and other systems

5.Help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

Optimize the relationship between energy consumption and product output to achieve better production consumption ratio

Analyze the consumption of each kind of material, reasonably control the material quota, and provide the basis for optimizing the material inventory

Combined with the data of personnel working hours and equipment maintenance of other systems, comprehensively quantify the production cost

1.Real time control of production progress

2.Accurate implementation of production scheduling instructions

3.Comprehensive guarantee of effective operation of equipment

4.Whole process control of material flow

5.Quantify production cost and consumption in real time

6.Accurate verification of unit consumption and equipment capacity

7.Optimize production organization and process operation parameters

8.Process management and scientific decision making

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