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Automatic Control System for Mineral Processing


The automatic control system of the whole process of mineral processing is designed for the characteristics of complex process, such as long lag time and difficult to realize the closed-loop control of the whole process. The system divides the mineral processing production process into several independent control units. Through the coordinated control of key variables, the overall benefit of the system is higher than that of the independent control of each link in the concentrator. The system adopts large PLC / DCS control system, redundant network structure, advanced intelligent instrument for mineral processing, reliable executive mechanism, and introduces advanced control technologies such as fuzzy control, neural network control, model predictive control, expert control system, etc. to integrate all production links of mineral processing plant into a large control system according to material flow (ore, water, medicine, etc.) The flow direction of gas and information flow (data, etc.) can realize the collaborative control of crushing, grinding, separation, concentrate dewatering, tailings transportation, water system and other mineral processing links in the mineral processing process.

On the premise of stabilizing the production process, balancing the operation capacity and efficiency of each process and ensuring the production index, the automatic control system of the whole process of mineral processing can reduce the production cost, improve the processing capacity of the concentrator, reduce the labor intensity and improve the working environment.

Main features of system

1.The system is improved by the detection, display and control of various key parameters.

2.The advanced control theories such as expert system, fuzzy control and neural network control guarantee the control effect.

3.Automatic, manual, soft manual and other control modes make the system more convenient for management.

4.The high reliability instrument combination makes the system run reliably and stably for a long time.

5.The control software makes the system more intelligent.

6.The system configuration dynamically displays the workflow in the form of animation, and reflects the production data in the form of trend chart, bar chart and database, and has the functions of report and printing.

Stabilize the production process, balance the operation ability and efficiency of each process.

1.On the premise of ensuring the qualified rate of production index, the processing capacity of concentrator should be improved.

2.Reduce the number of on-site jobs, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the working environment.

3.Reduce production costs.

4.To achieve greater economic and social benefits of the concentrator.

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