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Unmanned Calculation System


This system is based on the latest laser scanning radar equipment to accurately measure the volume of cargo on rail cars, trucks, belts and other transportation tools, uses radio frequency, image, other technologies to identify and store passing cars. The system adopts B/S design, users with different permissions can use the browser to view the flow data and reports related to them. 

Scanning measurement principle 

Use mature laser-time flight principle and multiple echo techniques to measure the size and distance of objects.

The vehicle under test passes under the lidar

Lidar scans three-dimensional data on the surface of the vehicle under test

The scanned data is composed of two parts: The heavy vehicle part and the empty vehicle part. When the lidar scans the vehicle data, the system will preliminarily process the lidar data and first exclude non-vehicle data (such as the ground, pedestrians, etc.). Finally, the point cloud processing algorithm is used to accurately measure the volume of the heavy and empty vehicles, then subtract the volume of the empty vehicles from the volume of the heavy vehicles to obtain the volume of the actual transported materials.

There is no need for human involvement in the whole measurement process. The system automatically recognizes the carriage code, automatically collects the gross weight and tare weight of the carriage, automatically generates the measurement flow list and statistical reports, achieving the goal of reducing staff and increasing efficiency. The system provides data services for production settlement and statistics, sales systems, geological resource management and other systems through data interfaces.  

1.Lidar range: 0.7m-80m. 

2.Lidar protection level: IP 67. 

3.Applicable detection speed: 1-50km/h. 

4.Volume measurement accuracy: ±1%~±3%. 

5.Ore grade accuracy: ±1%~±5% (depending on system selection).

6.Vehicle section recognition rate: ≥99%; vehicle head recognition rate: ≥99%. 

The content of the measurement management system includes: the measurement of ramp track scale, the measurement of mine exit track scale, the measurement of automobile transportation sales truck scale, the measurement of railway sales track scale. The metering system realizes unmanned metering business through advanced detection and control technology.

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