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Belt Tear Prevention System


The belt tear intelligent analyzer adopts the technology of structured laser combined with computer vision analysis. When the belt conveyor is running, the laser emits the "one" laser to illuminate the bottom of the belt, the industrial camera continuously shoots the laser profile image of the bottom of the belt at high speed. The analysis host detects and analyzes the laser line status characteristics in real time, extracts and analyzes the characteristic area, judges Belt status. When a scratch or tear is found on the site, the analyzer will output signals such as early warning, alarm and belt stop. 

Product Function

1.Analysis and judgment of belt cracks.

2.The length and width of cracks are displayed and tracked. 

3.Early warning of belt cracks, tearing alarm, tearing shutdown.

4.Backtracking query of torn image.

5.Local and remote monitoring at both ends.

6.You can manually choose whether to deal with belt cracks. 

7.Reserve OPC interface, which can share data with third-party central control system.

8.Health status diagnosis of instrument components.

Belt conveyors can be seen everywhere in metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemicals, building materials, wharfs, food and other industrial fields, they play an important and irreplaceable role in the transportation industry. The safe and stable operation of belt conveyors is particularly important. Belt scratches and tears are one of the main reasons that affect the normal operation of belt conveyors, especially long-distance, large-capacity belt conveyors. Once tearing occurs, the belt cannot be transported. It affects production and requires a lot of time and money to repair the belt. When the tear is severe, the entire belt is completely scrapped and cannot be repaired, resulting in huge economic losses. The belt tear intelligent analyzer can detect the scratch and tear of the belt conveyor in time, solve the above problems,ensure the safe and stable operation of the belt conveyor. 

1.Power supply voltage: 220VAC. 

2.Greater power consumption: 1200W. 

3.Protection level: IP55.

4.Calculation speed: 30ms. 

5.Larger resolution: 1290*964. 

6.Belt speed: 0-20m/s. 

7.Belt width: unlimited. 

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