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Fleet Management Control System


The Mine Dispatch System MDS is composed of vehicle-mounted terminal, network communication and dispatching center. Through the implementation of the open-pit mine vehicle intelligent dispatching management system, real-time monitoring and optimization of the operation of mining production operation vehicles, engineering vehicles and other equipment, forming a new type of information, intelligent and integrated modern mine dispatching, commanding and all-round mining production. An intelligent platform for control, management and decision-making. Through this platform, it can realize timely response to production decisions and timely provision of adjustment production basis, forming real-time information management and decision support for the mine production process, to achieve optimized management of mine equipment and production process, increase production, energy saving, consumption reduction, improve mine safety production and science Management level.

1.Intelligent scheduling: According to the established production conditions of the mine, the entire mining and transportation operations are automatically optimized and automatically scheduled to improve the utilization efficiency of mining equipment and increase output. The system can realize multiple scheduling combinations, such as manual scheduling, automatic optimization scheduling, partial automatic scheduling or partial manual scheduling, which can be operated independently or combined with parallel scheduling; 

2.Equipment tracking and status recognition: The system automatically collects information such as production equipment, operators, job material types, grades, faults and spot inspection information. This information is displayed on the software interface at any time and the system interface refreshes the field data from time to time to ensure real-time tracking. The refresh interval does not exceed 5 seconds without flicker;

Self-developed historical playback software

Historical playback: The software system provides an effective tool for querying historical information records in the past; you can select all, part or a single device for playback, reproduce the production status of any device at any time in the past and provide objective data for managers;

Self-developed GIS system platform

3.Mining Geographic Information System: The system dynamically displays the mine’s engineering location, mining road network and equipment status, location and material information with a mine geographic information map GIS, it uses a dynamic schematic diagram to show the location, status and material of the equipment, other information is displayed on the geographic information map of the mine;

4.Maintenance of mine geographic information system: The mine geographic information system of our company does not use third-party software such as MapInfo and Arc GIS. It uses a completely self-developed GIS system platform to establish mine maps. it realize project location data management ,road network lines and boundary lines management.

Mine CAD drawings can be imported into two-dimensional display

5.Two-dimensional realistic display: Two-dimensional monitoring can easily import mine CAD drawings, it is convenient to view the platform where the excavator is located, the materials and grades of each platform. Drilling data can be manually entered to realize the early warning and prompt of the shovel loading area of a platform.

6."Ton-kilometer" automatic measurement to achieve scientific assessment of drivers: The system can automatically calculate the heavy haul distance of each vehicle, accurately calculate the turnover and increase the height. Realize the scientific assessment of drivers.

7.Alarm and processing: The system tracks the operation of the equipment throughout the entire process and monitors the production status of the equipment in real time. For equipment that does not operate in accordance with normal production management, a timely alarm is issued in the dispatch center. The alarm content mainly includes: 

A. Over speed alarm;

B. Cross-border alarm; 

C. Illegal parking alarm, etc.;

D. Abnormal production operations; 

E. Violations are automatically recorded in the database and reports are automatically output. Through the alarm processing system, the operation of the equipment can be dynamically monitored in real time, so that the dispatcher can make timely and accurate decisions and quickly serve production. Greatly enhance the system's human-computer interaction capabilities. 

8.Report system: The production data will automatically generate reports and store them in the database for a long time. Authorized users can use the IE browser to realize inquiries and facilitate export and printing.

9.Manually modify input: Provide manual input interface for some data that cannot be automatically collected. For example, quality inspection data.

10.Vehicle anti-collision: The driving anti-collision early warning system fully adopts GPS positioning technology, wireless communication technology, supplemented by voice alarm ,prediction algorithms and other technologies to fully solve the complex work space, high work intensity, multiple blind areas, complex vehicle models and long personnel in the mining area. Time operation and other factors caused vehicle collision accidents and other problems that plague production managers, orderly management of vehicle driving problems in mining areas, to provide reliable safety guarantees for the normal production of open-pit mines.

11.3D platform: Mine 3D GIS integrated application platform, which displays the geography, environment, equipment and personnel of the entire mine in a true 3D application mode; 3D displays the information and automation systems of the mine, including geography, surveying, mining, selection and other systems . Every corner of the digital mining system based on the true three-dimensional GIS platform is displayed and exchanged in a three-dimensional manner.

12.Fuel monitoring: Real-time monitoring of truck fuel, alarm for stealing fuel, reasonable scheduling of truck refueling according to production status and automatic statistics of truck fuel consumption per ton-kilometer. 

13.Load measurement: Real-time collection of the truck's weight through the vehicle terminal and load cell, reminds the electric shovel to load through the wireless network, effectively controlling the load, recording real output data.

1.Achieve refined ore blending: A large amount of low-grade ores will be blended to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources, increase the utilization rate of low-grade resources by more than 80% and reduce the stripping ratio of mines.

2.Intelligent scheduling: Optimizing the original resource allocation, optimizing production according to quality and quantity, timely adapting to changes in production conditions, timely scheduling for equipment failures and abnormal production conditions, reducing unnecessary empty runs of trucks, reducing fuel consumption and shoveling. The balance of loading capacity, transportation capacity and crushing capacity can optimize the number of equipment dispatched. 

3.Real-time optimized scheduling, improve equipment efficiency, increase efficiency by 8%-30% or higher, reduce fuel consumption by 3%-15% or higher. Different mines have different management levels, so the system will bring different benefits to mines. At the same time, the implementation of the system will improve the management level of the mine and bring greater benefits from the management level.

4.GIS software: Use GPS in the dispatch room to dynamically monitor and track the production equipment in real time. There is no need for managers to frequently drive pickup trucks to the mine, on-site scheduling can be completed in the monitoring center, saving fuel consumption, labor costs and saving management costs.

5.Alarm software: Timely alarm for a series of unsafe factors such as laziness, speeding, out of bounds, unreasonable parking, illegal parking and so on. It also has a full range of real-time vehicle anti-collision functions that can be queried in the center.

6.Production-related data such as output, turnover, transportation distance, equipment dispatch rate, equipment failure rate, fuel consumption, etc. The system automatically generates scheduling charts and reports, conducts scientific analysis, forms a scientific evaluation and assessment of drivers and dispatchers. Management becomes easy and objective.

7.Form a ton-kilometer driver evaluation mechanism to improve the production enthusiasm of front-line employees.

Economic benefits: 

1.Realize refined ore blending and increase the utilization rate of low-grade resources by more than 80%. 

2.Intelligent scheduling reduces fuel consumption, labor costs and saves management costs.

3.Real-time optimized scheduling, improving efficiency by 8%-30% or higher and reducing fuel consumption by 3%-15% or higher.

Social benefits: 

1.Form an informatized, intelligent, integrated new modern mine dispatching command and a comprehensive mining production control, management and decision-making intelligent platform.

2.The platform responds to production decisions in a timely manner, provides timely basis for adjustment of production, forms real-time information management and decision support for mine production processes, optimizes management of mine equipment and production processes, improves mine safety production and scientific management.

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