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Fuel Amount Monitoring System

This system can detect the actual fuel consumption of different types of trucks with different loads and roads (uphill, downhill, transportation distance, road type).The fuel consumption data acquisition device consists of an integrated fuel consumption sensor, controller, returning fuel cooler, accessories, etc. The device is designed and developed for the special working conditions of mining vehiclesit has the advantages of strong reliability, high accuracy and easy installation capability. So as to build a fuel consumption evaluation system and master the changing rules of truck fuel consumption.


1. High-precision flow sensor to realize real-time precise fuel consumption monitoring.

2. SMS function: The alarm will automatically send SMS prompts.

3. Fuel amount analysis charts integrated with speed, mileage and fuel consumption enable customers to inquire and analyze abnormal fuel consumption.

4. Historical track playback function to assist in judging abnormal fuel consumption.

5. Report management can produce various alarms, including low fuel alarm, refueling reminder, alarm, over-speed report, parking report, parking overtime report, driving detail report, offline report, mileage report, etc.

6. Safety management: Alarm when the fuel volume drops during parking, over-speed or driving beyond the specified area.

7. Power-off alarm: Maliciously dismantling the fuel consumption monitoring terminal platform will receive a power-off alarm.

8.  Approval of fuel consumption plan: The relevant production department fills in the monthly and quarterly fuel consumption plan through the system, executes it after approval by the managements. Provide assistance in developing the next phase of fuel volume planning. At the same time, the system can count the fuel consumption data of different equipment in each production link, automatically generate various fuel consumption statistical reports according to the requirements, it can compare the actual fuel consumption data with the planned data to help managers understand the fuel consumption in time.


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