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Unmanned Overhead Crane & Unmanned Jetty


In order to realize unmanned loading at the reservoir area and jetty, DFMC has developed intelligent control system of large equipment such as overhead crane and ship loader. The system is equipped with perfect detection equipment to monitor the shape distribution of bulk materials and the state of the equipment itself. The optimal strategy is used to realize the planning of material grabbing and loading. At the same time, the equipment has comprehensive safety protection measures to prevent collision accidents in the process of material transfer and loading.

Unmanned Overhead Crane

1. The material shape distribution in the reservoir area is modeled based on LIDAR technology, and the data splicing technology is used to calculate the material level height accurately in real time;

2. Accurately positioning the crane, trolley and grab, an intelligent positioning correction method is adopted to prevent errors;

3. The system monitors multiple materials at the same time, and realizes the grab ratio of different materials according to the strategy;

4. Real time control of the acceleration in the process of grasping and transportation to prevent swinging;

5. The system can communicate with supply chain system to automatically guide the truck to unload according to the material distribution;

6. The system has safety zone divisions, the vehicles in production are not allowed to enter the safety zone;

7. Dual driving intelligent coordinated production, with anti-collision function;


Unmanned Jetty:

1. Use LIDAR to scan ships and shipping materials, and use dual radar data splicing technology to overcome data loss problem caused by occlusion;

2. Accurately scan the ship shape and cabin position. In the process of loading, the inclination angle of the ship is modeled and calculated in real time, and the blanking point is adjusted to prevent the ship from tilting;

3. The attitude of the ship loader is accurately measured, and the multi-sensor data redundancy technology is adopted. When a sensor is abnormal, the overall data will not be affected;

4. High definition camera is set at the blanking point, which is combined with radar data to realize real-time monitoring of material height and dust during blanking, and control the expansion and contraction of chute to prevent chute blockage and dust;

5. Automatically determine the amount and distribution of materials in each tank according to the size of the ship, automatically piling;

6. Video system for monitoring and alarm the personnel;

7. Two modes: remote operation and full-automatic operation;

It can be applied at combined storage, bulk loading dock and other scenarios.

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