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During mineral processing process, slurry is delivered into the cyclone. The feeding pressure is around 40 to 400KPa generally. When slurry is a laminar flow, it will rotate in the cyclone chamber. The solid particles are tossed away due to centrifugal force. This centrifugal force is usually times or hundreds of times of gravity. The higher the feeding pressure, the bigger the centrifugal force.

Solid particles are tossed towards the lining of the cyclone, spiraling downward and discharged as underflow. While most of the liquid spiraling upward and goes into overflow pipe. Only a few fine particles will go into overflow pipe. With a certain feeding pressure and rotation speed, a ‘classification particle size’ will occur within the cyclone, the resistance and centrifugal force reach a balance then.

With the parameters of feeding material, overflow product and sump level obtained by detecting instruments, a specific algorithm is utilized to achieve automatic optimal control by altering cyclone underflow diameter, overflow pipe depth and flushing water pressure.

It ensures stability of overflow particle size and concentration, increase classification efficiency while feeding material fluctuates.


1.       Multiple parameters detection and control assures reliable operation;

2.       Auto/Manual control mode shifting is easy for management;

3.       Robust instrument configuration allows longer lifetime;

4.       Reduce energy consumption;

5.       Reduce equipment failure rate;

6.       Stabilize overflow particle size, increase classification efficiency;

7.       Stabilize production, reduce labor intensity.

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