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Equipment Fault Monitoring and Health Management System


The system combines advanced technologies such as intelligent sensing, IoT, mobile communication, big data analysis and artificial intelligence. By collecting, screening, transmitting and analyzing the physical parameters of equipment operation, the system judges the operation faults and change trends of the equipment, provides data support for the decision-making of equipment operation and maintenance management, and realizes the on-line monitoring of the industrial equipments, and improves the continuity, reliability and safety of the production process.

By monitoring the vibration, temperature, inclination, rotational speed, displacement and other operating parameters of industrial equipment, the following types of fault monitoring can be realized:

Foundation failure (motor, gear box foundation foot loose, structural loosening, resonance failure); unbalance (motor rotor imbalance, gear box high-speed shaft gear imbalance); misalignment (angular misalignment, parallel misalignment); resonance failure (motor, gear box operating frequency and component resonance frequency consistent with the triggering); shaft system damage (inner ring, outer ring, rolling body spalling, cage scraping, fracture); gear box damage (gear box mesh failure, broken teeth, partial grinding and other faults).

Ensure continuous and stable production: Collect and monitor the real state data of the equipment, effectively judge the current state of the equipment, plan maintenance, reduce the number of unplanned shutdowns, and ensure continuous production.

Enhance equipment operation efficiency and life: Based on the judgment of equipment status, accurately locate the faulty parts, realize accurate maintenance of equipment, improve equipment operation efficiency, prolong equipment service life, and improve return on investment.

Reduce the cost of equipment inspection and optimize the personnel structure: 24-hour uninterrupted collection and monitoring of on-site equipment operating status, reducing the workload and work intensity of point inspection personnel.

Realize equipment inspection intelligence, optimize the maintenance system: based on the equipment status data to drive intelligent decision-making, minimize "over repaired" or "under repaired", optimize the maintenance system, reasonably arrange spare parts procurement, reduce the maintenance cost, improve spare parts procurement, and reduce the cost of enterprise maintenance, improve the return on investment. Maintenance costs, improve spare parts turnover rate.


The system realizes the data flow management of end, edge, management, cloud and use through four levels: perception layer, edge layer, platform layer and application layer, realizes the goal of equipment failure monitoring, replaces manual inspection and spot inspection of industrial equipment, and guides the visual maintenance of equipment. The system is committed to providing a full range of equipment health management services to ensure stable operation and efficient maintenance of equipment.

The system is widely used in fault monitoring of all host equipment in mineral processing, coal, cement and other industries, covering all kinds of pumps, fans, belt conveyors and other steady-state equipment and crushers, mills, elevators, rotary kilns and other rotating or reciprocating equipment. The system has been successfully applied in Shougang Boron Iron, Xinjiang Dunde, Xinjiang Qingsong Building Materials Chemical Group, Heavy Steel Xichang Mining and other sites.

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