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DF-3821 truck bucket sampling & analysis system

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DFMC DF-3821 truck bucket sampling & analysis system is mainly composed of sampling workshop, sampling system, vehicle dispatching system, residual material return system, laser radar model identification system and elemental analyzer (coal). Floor space of the sampling workshop requires 28m long, 12.5m wide and 13m high, and the sampling room shall be concrete or steel structure.

When a truck loaded with coal enters the coal sampling workshop. It needs to swipe card, paste tag and press sampling confirmation button after parking the stably. The laser radar model identification system starts to scan the truck model and the automatic sampling machine distributes sampling points randomly on the truck. Yhe samples are taken automatically according to the model data from scanning. After feeding and crushing, the material sample obtained enters the bucket of the elemental analyzer (coal), the bulit-in belt starts running and the analyzer starts working when there is enough belt load. After analyzing the material sample, the head reducer of the analyzer belt conducts reduction and sample reserving. After reduction, a small part of the material sample enters the sample collector and the remaining material is conveyed to the coal truck through the residual material return system. 

Application of truck bucket sampling & analysis system can realize unattended rapid sampling and analysis for raw material. With random point distribution and large sampling volume, it avoids human factor and meets analytical material volume necessary for the analyzer, it is more representative.

It is objective and accurate, and able to prevent suppliers' adulteration from causing economic losses to users.

With low sampling deviation, it uses full-depth and full-face sampling method to avoid sampling error and ensure authenticity of moisture and components.

With confidentiality, it encodes and records sample tanks automatically. Lab personnel and suppliers are back to back, making the test results fair and reliable.

It has great significance in saving raw material costs, improving production efficiency and achieving automation.

DFMC DF-3821 truck bucket sampling& analysis system can be customized. 

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