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DF-3830 belt sampling & analysis system

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DFMC DF-3830 belt sampling & analysis system is mainly composed of belt middle sampling machine, feeding belt conveyor, horizontal crushing machine, cross belt analyzer (coal management), automatic bulk material sampler, sample collector, spiral feeding machine, bucket lift and pipe and steel structure connecting aforementioned equipment.

A driver unloads raw coal to the bucket. Raw coal enters the conveying belt to the uppermost layer and reaches certain height based on the material level detector before the sampling cutter samples in the belt middle. The material collected enters the primary feeding machine, crushing machine and analyzer successively. Some materials enter the sample barrel of the collector after reduction. Residual material enters the bucket lift through the spiral feeding machine and is lifted to the conveying belt at the uppermost layer through the bucket lift and down-pipe before entering the raw coal bin. 

The belt middle sampling&analysis system is a mechanical sampling equipment that is designed for coal conveying belt, applicable for sampling and preparation of coal sample in the plant. The equipment can complete the whole process of sampling, sample preparation, sample collection and residual coal return automatically, featuring reasonable system structure, stable performance, application to adverse site environment and easy maintenance. Operation of the equipment is automatically controlled by PLC industrial programmable controller, featuring high technical content, strong automatic control performance and stable running program. Fuel efficiency of boilers can be analyzed deeply through the data from sampling and sample preparation, which is of great significance for energy saving and consumption reduction.

To avoid human factors, the sampling head uses scraping type and the sampling frequency is adjustable, featuring large sampling volume and reliable performance. The coal sample is representative.

Low sampling deviation. The sampling interval can be adjusted according to the actual coal feeding volume on site. With good airtightness and low moisture loss, the whole sample preparation flow avoids sampling error and ensures authenticity of moisture and component.

It can achieve quick sampling and analysis of coal, providing fair and reliable test results to guide proper stockpiling.

It has great significance in saving coal cost, improving production efficiency and realizing automation. 

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