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DF-QYZ I Automatic Sampling Station

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DF-QYZ I Automatic Sampling Station is an online automatic sampling device specific to liquid ore flow by adopting advanced control technology. The product is mainly applied to automatic collection of flowing ore pulp samples at each indicator monitoring point of the production process during beneficiation, the sampling is uniform, and the obtained samples have high representativeness. 

The product can realize automatic and timed sampling. Users can set the sampling time to reduce manual operation and avoid random error of manual sampling effectively, featuring strong practicability. Type of the sampler can be customized and designed based on different working conditions on site, which has strong adaptation to the site environment. The mechanical structure is controlled pneumatically and single sampling volume can be controlled by the regulating valve, featuring safe and easy operation and low maintenance and spare part replacing cost. 

Automatic collection of slurry sample at process index monitoring points for raw ore, concentrates and tailings in beneficiation process of mines. 

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