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80G Radar Level Sensor

The product applies frequency modulation continuous wave technology with working frequency of 76-81GHz, which is suitable for various vessels, tanks and silos with complex process conditions. The measurement is not affected by the change of physical characteristics of the measured medium, and it has particularly good adaptability to harsh working conditions such as heavy dust, agitating, strong foam, steam, high temperature(+200) and strong corrosion. The instrument supports two-wire and four-wire applications, with a maximum range of 120m and a blind zone of 8cm.


Being compared with lower frequency, 80G radar has higher frequency, shorter wavelength, smaller beam angle and more concentrated energy. Together with the application of FMCW technology, it has the following features.

1. Large detection range and small blind area.

2. Small beam angle and small antenna size makes it easy to install. Not influenced by tank size or obstacles.

3. High measurement accuracy, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability.

4. Cell phone Bluetooth debugging available which is convenient for maintenance work.

5. The narrowest antenna beam angle in the industry -- . The environment interference has less impact on the instrument.

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