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Microwave Moisture Analyzer (DF-MMA)


DF-MMA series microwave moisture analyzer adopts the principle of microwave transmission to conduct real-time online moisture detection of materials. The instrument has developed complete series products with good adaptability. It has mature moisture detection solutions for coal, sintering, agriculture, building materials etc. and selected and designed for different field application scenarios and material to meet different requirements.  

DF-MMA series microwave moisture analyzer is a non-contact material moisture on-line measuring instrument. It uses microwave transmission method to realize on-line moisture measurement of different types of detection targets such as bulk materials and luggage materials on the belt. It adopts microwave moisture measurement technology. When the microwave passes through the moisture-containing material, the propagation speed of the microwave slows down and the intensity decreases, which causes the power attenuation and phase shift of the microwave. Then the regression algorithm is used to establish the correlation with the moisture content of the material to calculate material moisture value. The core unit of the instrument adopts military-grade components with high measurement accuracy and stability and strong on-site adaptability. It can be customized for different on-site working conditions.

1.Strong representativeness: measure the overall moisture penetration of the material

2.Strong anti-interference ability: not affected by dust, water vapor, vibration, coal color and other factors in the environment

3.Wide range of application: wide measuring range, rapid speed, high precision, covering almost all coal types

4.Non-contact measurement: no wear, no interference, less maintenance, low operating cost

5.High safety: low emission energy, no radioactive nuclear source

Application: real-time monitoring moisture, providing continuous and reliable moisture data for industrial process automation.

On-line moisture analyzer is suitable for a variety of non-conductive materials, including coal, wood, sugar, bagasse, sand, chemicals etc.

1.Coal industry: anthracite, bituminous coal, lignite; coal, medium coal, fine coal, incoming coal, coal entering the furnace.

2.Common materials: bagasse, compound fertilizer, sand, etc.

3.Textile industry: fiber tow bag, cotton bag, etc.

4.Cereals: wheat, rice, grains, corn, sorghum, miscellaneous grains, fodder, etc.

5.Biofuel: wood chips, wood flakes, sawdust, etc.

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