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DF-67XX Series Laser Elemental Analyzer


Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a component analysis technique based on atomic emission spectra and laser plasma emission spectra.

DFMC has 4 type products and measuring way as below:

1.By-pass measurement

It is suitable for measuring point where the material is mixed unevenly,such as the particle size over 30mm,the batching process, is necessary to increase the sampler and crush the shrinkage to less than 13mm,and the best measurement particle size is 3mm.


2.Cross-Belt measurement

It is suitable for measuring point where material are homogeneous mixed,such as sintered material mixture,iron ore,iron concentration,copper ore,copper concentration,etc.


3.Benchtop measurement

Suitable for laboratory applications, it can replace chemical reagents for fast measurement, Alternative to X-fluorescence analysis (S and other elements below 20 cannot be measured).


4.Slurry measurement

Suitable for slurry material inspection, measured by single or multi-channel drainage. For example, iron ore slurry, copper ore slurry. The best materials are solutions, such as bauxite slurry, phosphate slurry, electrolytic aluminum, copper sulfate solution, molten steel, etc.



1.Non - contact fast detection mode, include offline, online, by-pass detection;

2.The equipment uses type IV laser as excitation source, no radioactivity, excellent safety;

3.It can realize the detection of the main elements in the material detection(metal, non-metal);

4.It can realize different forms material detection (solid, liquid, gas) ;

5.It can realize quantitative, semi-quantitative and PPM content element detection.





By-pass Laser Elemental Analyzer

380VAC/100-240VAC,50/60 Hz power input

Provide compressed air with pressure less than 1Mpa( According the site conditions)

Ambient temperature range: 10-40 

Storage temperature range:-20℃-50℃

Testing distance:300-800mm

Testing material size:3-200mm (According the site conditions)

Communication way:USB,RS485,RS232,TCP/IP

Material thickness requirements:0-400mm

Working Mode:Directly detection the flowing coal sample o the raw coal conveyor belt,remote control data transmission,real time detection of the raw coal

Protection Grade:IP65,moisture-proof,dust-proof,shock-proof



Cross-belt Laser Elemental Analyzer

High frequency excitation source energy: 150mJ~200mJ

Energy stability: <2%

High frequency excitation source center frequency: 282THz

High frequency receiver detection range: 180-800nm

High frequency receiver resolution: 0.1nm

Low frequency millimeter wave emission energy: 10dBm

Energy stability: < 3%

Low frequency millimeter wave frequency: 6Ghz

Low frequency millimeter wave sampling rate: 100μm



Benchtop Laser Elemental Analyzer

Operating frequency:1 to 5HZ

The detection time:3 minutes

Detector resolution:0.1nm

Detection range:185nm to 1000nm

Nonmetallic elements: C,H,O,N,S, etc

Metal elements: Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Ka, Na, Ti, Pb, zinc, etc

Detection item:   

Quantitative analysis of substance composition

Detection of material composition Full element detection, qualitative analysis

Detection of trace elements (molybdenum, silver, gold, etc.)

Metal composition testing (Alloy testing)

Composition analysis of hazardous substances (lead, mercury, etc.)

Detection substance classification, type identification


Slurry Laser Elemental Analyzer

Channels of Measuring:1~10

Number of sample groups tested simultaneously:10+

Single detection time:5 minutes

Concentrate range of measuring:0.05%~100%

Precision:Relative deviation1%~4%

Safety: Non-radioative

Protection Level:IP54

Power supply:220V-50Hz-15A

Ambient temperature:5~40℃

Ambient humidity:95%



1.Raw coal in coal preparation industry, refined coal quality testing;

2.Power into the plant coal, coal blending detection ;

3.Mine raw ore, concentrate composition detection ;

4.Coking coal quality, G value, Y value detection ;

5.Non-ferrous ore, slurry, solution composition detection;

6.Metallurgical raw materials, sintering, molten steel composition testing;


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