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Ultrasonic Particle Size Analyzer (DF-PSM)


Ultrasonic Particle Size Analyzer is dedicated to the detection of slurry particle size in the beneficiation industry. It is used to measure the overflow slurry of the cyclone or classifier in the beneficiation process which is suitable for measuring the particle size distribution from 25 microns to 295 microns meeting the P80 standard. The real-time analysis result is accurate. Cooperating with the on-site automation system, using the particle size measurement and analysis information, the grinding circuit is to be optimized, thereby improving the quality of the beneficiation products, increasing the recovery rate and reducing energy consumption. The instrument has strong adaptability which is widely used in solid-liquid two-phase suspension slurry such as iron, molybdenum, copper, gold, lead-zinc slurry etc..

Ultrasonic Particle Size Analyzer adopts the principle of ultrasonic transmission attenuation to analyze the particle size distribution of solid particles in the slurry in real time and realize concentration analysis at the same time. The instrument generates a relatively stable and representative slurry flow of vacuum suction through the sample conditioning unit, which is degassed to ensure that the measurement accuracy is not affected by other on-site interference conditions such as bubbles with strong adaptability. The degassed slurry undergoes transmission detection through an ultrasonic attenuation measuring unit with an ultrasonic transducer as the core component and the measurement signal passes through all the ore samples, which is highly representative. The final slurry sample is returned to the original process pipeline, which will not cause the consumption of raw resources. During the measurement period, the analyzer uses multiple ultrasonic signals of different frequencies to perform ultrasonic attenuation measurement of the slurry. These operating frequencies are customized according to the concentration and particle size range of the slurry and designed in accordance with specific algorithm patents. The ultrasonic attenuation coefficient constitutes a calibrated model, which can reflect both the raw and fine components in the slurry, ensuring the independence and accuracy of each particle size measurement. 

The product is widely used at plants which can be combined with the actual working conditions of the site to carry out sampling plans and drainage back to the mine design, reducing slurry blockage, increasing sampling representativeness. Improve reliability and maintainability of the instrument by upgrading of core components.

1.Stable and accurate measurement, strong representativeness, real-time tracking of process fluctuations, effectively optimization guiding stability of production.

2.One instrument detects 3 slurry flow channels with different properties, and each flow channel can achieve simultaneous measurement of 5 fraction and 1 concentration value.

3.The product has a sample conditioner with independent intellectual property rights to ensure the sample is representative and stable at the same time ensuring the measurement is not affected by other interference conditions such as bubbles.

4.The intelligent diagnosis and remote monitoring function of the instrument make less manual maintenance and effectively reducing maintenance costs.

5.Professional service system and solutions for better pre-sales and after-sales.

Grinding and separation process, real-time detection of overflow/grading slurry particle size and concentration, tracking process fluctuations, improving metal recovery rate and improving energy utilization.

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