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DF-MPSI particle size analyzer


DF-MPSI particle size analyzer is an online slurry particle size analysis system that monitors the grinding and grading process in mineral processing. It can automatically sample up to 4 process flow channels and measure slurry particle size within the range of 25-1000 microns (15-500 mesh). The analyzer transmits the analysis results to the on-site automation system for real-time process monitoring, ensuring continuous operation 24 hours a day with minimal maintenance.

The principle is direct particle size measurement,it is not sensitive to changes in characteristics such as bubbles, slurry viscosity, magnetism and temperature.

DF-MPSI can detect up to 4 different slurry flow channels for different processes, each channel can achieve multiple particle size measurements.

Regular automatic zero point calibration to compensate for drift and monitor sensor wear to ensure high-precision detection.

Intelligent diagnosis and remote monitoring function reduces manual maintenance and effectively reduces maintenance costs.


Measure the microscopic approximate diameter size of the particle directly

Detection channel

1~4 Optional)

Detection range (Particle size)

25~1000 μm

Detection range (Concentration)



Particle sizeconcentration (Optional)


≤ 2.0%(1σ)

Communication interface

Ethernet interface for communication with DCS,Modbus-TCP

Ambient temperature

5~45℃non-direct light


30~85% relative humidity, no condensation

Power supply

220V AC±10%Power rate 1.5kW

Protection level

Particle size detection module and concentration detection module:IP56

Air supply requirement

0.5Mpa<Air pressure1.0Mpa,Air consumption15 NL / min

Water supply requirement

Clean and no suspended particles,0.3MPa<Water pressure0.6Mpa,consumption 30 L / min


950 mm(L)×840 mm(W)×1960 mm(H) ;

Weight420 kg

Combined with automatic control system of mineral processing, automatic particle size control of grinding process can be realized, it can be widely used in ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal grinding process of iron slurry, molybdenum slurry, copper slurry, gold slurry and other solid-liquid two-phase suspension slurry.

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