DFMC Show in the Asia-Pacific's International Mining Exhibition

Date:2015-9-23 13:43:41

Asia-Pacific's international mining exhibition was grandly held in Sydney, Australia on September 1st to 4th, 2015.This exhibition is the largest mining exhibition in Asia-pacific region and one of the three-largest mining exhibitions around the world. In order to promote the global strategy, and become a worldwide top-level technical equipment brand, DFMC was invited to attend the exhibition.

The first-rate products and equipment as well as the most advanced technologies and services in mining industry were demonstrated in the exhibition. During the exhibition, DFMC exhibited mineral processing automation, Multi-stream XRF analyzer, Ultrasonic particle size analyzer, Coal ash analyzer, Microwave moisture analyzer, Neutron activation coal analyzer and many other high-tech products of our company, which has been concerned widely. DFMC has earned great fame for its products and service. Thousands of clients, associations, and the press came to DFMC booth to communicate with staffs of DFMC. Many of them showed intense will to cooperate with our company. Meanwhile, we have got great support from a large number of clients who express that DFMC products will have an optimistic market prospect and would like to become our agents in the local.

DFMC specializes in providing automation solutions for the mining industry around the world and takes a leading position in the on-line apparatus and instruments, striving for excellence in core technology, promoting international cooperation and development of mining industry in Asia-Pacific region, eventually establishing a first-class brand all over the world.