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DFS Intelligent Coal Sorting Machine (hereinafter referred to as intelligent sorting machine) is an intelligent coal gangue sorting equipment independently developed by DFMC. The equipment adopts intelligent identification method, establishes corresponding analysis model for different coal quality characteristics, carries out digital identification of coal and gangue through big data analysis, and finally carries out accurate identification and sorting of coal and gangue through execution system.

The intelligent sorting system is a complete set of self-contained equipment, which can effectively identify coal and gangue, and discharge gangue through high-pressure air executive system. It has the characteristics of high sorting accuracy, low gangue carrying rate, high degree of automation, simple process, low processing cost, and no water on products.

1.High sorting precision - Intelligent Sorting Machine is a dry sorting equipment with sorting precision exceeding water cleaning. At present, the equipment has realized coal rate of 1% - 3% with gangue, 3% to 5% of coal, and the sorting accuracy is close to shallow groove, which is far higher than that of moving screen, jig and other sorting equipment.

2.Wide processing granularity - Intelligent Sorting Machine can handle 300-25mm raw coal. Compared with the traditional sorting equipment such as shallow groove and moving screen, the feeding granularity of intelligent dry separator is larger.

3.High processing capacity - the larger processing capacity of Intelligent Sorting Machine can reach 380t / h.

4.High intelligence - intelligent control, self-inspection of fault, intelligent operation of equipment.

5.Safe and reliable - key components are well-known global brands, which have been used in coal preparation industry for a long time, which proves that their reliability and sorting accuracy meet the requirements

6.Perfect design - all equipment components are designed according to explosion-proof standards and passed explosion-proof certification to meet national standards. The X-ray source used in Intelligent Sorting Machine shall obtain radiation safety license and match with the matched dust collector.

Reference Table for 300-50mm Intelligent Sorting Machine Selection

Remarks: 1. The separation accuracy is better than the moving screen jig. 2. The production rate of 300-50mm is calculated as 25%.

Reference Table for 100-25mm Intelligent Sorting Machine Selection

Remarks: 1. The separation accuracy is better than the moving screen jig. 2. The production rate of 100-25mm is calculated as 30%.

1.Waste disposal in advance

A. Replacement of manual selection

To liberate the sorting workers from the bad working environment and heavy load of physical labor, it is more important to improve the gangue discharge rate, reduce the power consumption of crusher and the loss caused by extra gangue, reduce the workload of gangue sliming and slime water system, improve the quality of raw coal, and improve the intelligent level of production line.

B. Replacement of moving screen

Using DFS Intelligent Sorting Machine to discharge gangue can effectively avoid the above problems

DFS Intelligent Sorting Machine has large processing capacity and can replace the moving screen to solve the problem of insufficient processing capacity. The larger processing capacity of DFS single device is 380t / h.

DFS Intelligent Sorting Machine can discharge more coal gangue according to different coal quality conditions on site. It can be controlled flexibly and effectively solve the problems of poor separation effect and serious wear when the amount of gangue is large.

2.Direct production

A. No coal preparation plant, 300-25mm lump coal separation

There are mines but no factories

DFS Intelligent Sorting Machine is selected to improve the quality of 300-25mm lump coal.

Gangue discharge of lump coal in open pit mine

The vehicle mounted DFS Intelligent Sorting System is used to realize lump coal gangue discharge in open pit mine.

B. The separation of 300-6 mm steam coal can be realized with the combination of de milling and water washing process. The specific process is as follows:

300-50 (25) mm lump coal intelligent dry separation.

50 (25) - 0 mm pulverized coal 6 mm.

50 (25) - 6 mm.

6-0 mm fine coal bypass.

Among them: 50 (25) - 6 mm fine coal can be washed by shallow trough separator, fine coal dense medium cyclone and other water washing equipment.

2.2.1 New coal preparation plant

Compared with the traditional lump coal washing process, this process has the advantages of simple system, less investment cost and processing cost, especially can effectively reduce the amount of slime.

2.2.2 Capacity expansion and quality improvement of shallow trough coal preparation plant

The conventional process of large steam coal preparation plant is + 13mm shallow trough separation and - 13mm fine coal bypass. The separation system of dense medium cyclone for fine coal is reserved.

A. Capacity expansion of coal preparation plant: DFS process can be introduced, adopting DFS split shallow tank feeding, adopting 300-50 mm DFS, 50-13 mm shallow tank process.

B. Quality improvement in coal preparation plant: with the application of 6 mm powder removal process of flapping screen or cross screen and the lower limit of shallow trough reduced to 6 mm. DFS intelligent dry separator can be used in combination with shallow trough and de pulverizing process, i.e. + 50 mm lump coal DFS separation, 50-6 mm shallow trough separation and - 6 mm fine coal bypass. This process can effectively solve the problem of insufficient capacity of shallow trough system when the lower limit of shallow trough separation is reduced to 6 mm.

2.2.3 slime reduction of fully washed steam coal preparation plant

For the coal preparation plant with serious gangue sliming, DFS can effectively reduce the amount of slime instead of lump coal washing, combined with de pulverization process.

c. Instead of jigging or shallow trough, 300-25mm lump coal separation can be realized

For lump coal jigging or shallow trough coal preparation plant, using DFS instead of jigging or shallow trough can solve the problem of slime water, reduce product moisture, improve product calorific value and increase lump coal yield.

3. Other applications

In addition to the above application fields, DFS Intelligent Sorting Machine can also be used in the following fields:

A. Recovery of coal from gangue.

B. It is suitable for coal separation and lignite separation in water shortage areas.

C. Separation of other non coal minerals (such as kaolinite).

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