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DFMC Shows on the IMCET 2017 & CBM-TEC 2017
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Focusing on international market, DFMC is exploring EMEA market. We attended IMCET 2017 and CBM-TEC 2017 which were hold in Turkey and Zambia.


DFMC exhibited numerous state-of-art instrumentations during the most influential shows in Antalya, Turkey on April 2017 and Kitwe, Zambia on June 2017.

Turkey is the bridge connecting Europe and Asia, as well as the bond of cultural transmission and pivot of trading. IMCET is one of the most important exhibitions in Turkey, along with the conference, it attracted lots of enterprises and scholars.

Zambia is the “Copper center” of Africa, the show was hold at Copper-belt province, and it is the most important mining expo in Zambia. Dozens of enterprises from all over the world participated in the show.

DFMC brought its finest products to the exhibition, including online XRF grade analyzer, ultrasonic density (concentration) meter, radar level meter, online ultrasonic particle size monitor, PGNAA series products etc. The products attracted widespread attention from both visitors and exhibitors. Several visitors showed their wills to be our local distributor.

Since we started our international strategy, we have built a solid basement in EMEA market. With our finest products and superior service team, we are confident to continue our glory in EMEA market.

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