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Mine safety production
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From the core of safety production, DFMC has developed a series of effective safety monitoring systems for mining and mineral processing industries. The wide application of these products greatly reduces the occurrence rate of production accidents and produces extensive and far-reaching economic and social benefits. DFMC is willing to join hands with you to build an efficient, safe, green and ecological mine.

We use CSS high-precision positioning, Internet of things, optimal scheduling modeling, automatic control and virtual reality technology to collect the status of underground production environment, personnel and equipment in real time, realize the dynamic deployment of production operations and timely warning of dangerous conditions. We provide you with positioning accuracy less than 3 meters man-machine positioning system, production scheduling system, environmental monitoring system and locomotive unmanned driving system, providing favorable guarantee for the safety, efficiency and intelligence of underground mine production. The safety detection and early warning system of tailing pond developed by us can detect the real-time state of tailings pond and slope, so as to ensure the production safety of tailings pond.


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