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DFMC participated in the forum “5G+Smart Mine”
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On August 25, DFMC participated in the forum "5G+Smart Mine", which was co-sponsored by the News and Publicity Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Smart Mine Committee of China Mining Federation. The forum centered on the intelligent mine cloud service platform technology and application, China and foreign mine information intelligent new technology, process technology, equipment development, underground mining informatization, intellectualization, integration technology and other related high and new technology in the field of mining application and other topics. DFMC as a co-organizer set up a booth and made a keynote speech in this conference.


In the meeting, DFMC Technical Director made a speech on the topic of "intelligent mine construction under the situation of big changes" and pointed out that intelligent mine as the embodiment of big data and "Internet +" strategy in the mining industry, can actively perceive and automatically analyze.According to theknowledge base of deep learning, forming the optimal decision-making model and the implementing automatic regulation of each link, to achieve safe, efficient, economic and green at design, production, operation and management of mines. It is the only way for China's mining industry to transform and upgrade the traditional mining industry with digitalization, informatization, automation and intelligence, build intelligent mines and improve core competitiveness.5G, as the first of the new infrastructure, is in the most fundamental communication infrastructure and is an important carrier of the digital economy. In the mining industry, with 5G technology as the basic carrier, we will eventually realize a complete intelligent mining system that integrates the IOT, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, automatic control, industrial Internet, roboticized equipment and modern mining development technology, and realize the intelligent operation of the whole process of mining, selection, smelting, safety and security, and ecological protection.DFMC combines more than 20 years of industry experience, takes online, integration, intelligent as the design concept, provides intelligent mine scheming plan and implementation of construction services for more than 30 large mining enterprises such as China Gold Group, West Mining Group, Daye Nonferrous Group, MaSteel Group, to achieve visualization, automation, intelligent and unmanned operation at mine production process, to help mining enterprises to realize safe, high quality, efficient and green production.

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