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Automation Project at a Copper-Gold Mine
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This copper-gold mine is the only world-class gold mine in China, the explored gold resources amount is 322 tons and copper resources amount is over 3 million tons. The main products are gold, copper cathodes, copper concentrate, sulfur concentrate. The newly built copper dressing plant III handles 45 thousand tons of ore daily and 15 million tons of ore annually. SABC process is adopted for dressing and the main equipment includeφ11*5.4 dual motor driven semi-autogenous mill, φ7.9*13.6 due motor driven ball mill, 320m3 flotation machine, etc.

The automatic control system utilizes cutting-edge PCS redundant distributed control system, communication loop network, high precision online measurement instrument and implementing agencies. Fuzzy control and neural network control are brought into the system to realize automatic measurement and control on production data at each loop. The system stabilizes production, increases handling capacity, concentrate grade and metal recovery rate. What’s more, the system also combines automatic control system and video surveillance system and production commanding system together, to improve the management efficiency and level, promote the combination of industrialization and informatization through technologies such as reporting system, data remoter transmission and web display.


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