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A Perfect Solution for Heavy Medium Process Washed Coal Ash Measurement Found in China.
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The standard deviation of ash online measurement is less than 0.15%, which is used in the intelligent density control system, and the recovery rate of fine coal is increased by 0.95%. They made it!

Recently, the intelligent project of a coal processing plant in China has made important progress, EA-COAL has successfully passed the verification of plant assay and third-party testing, and the dynamic standard deviation of ash is only 0.11% compared with plant assay, the standard deviation of ash is within 0.1% compared with testing result by China National Coal Supervision and Inspection Center. EA-COAL passed the performance test with extreme high standard.

Although several intelligent heavy-medium sorting projects have been implemented in China, the problem of large error and poor stability of ash detection in the production process has never been solved due to the limitation of detection means, resulting in unsatisfactory intelligent control effect. Based on this reality, DFMC has taken the accurate detection of ash content of heavy-duty refined coal as one of the key topics at the beginning of this project. The EA-COAL for heavy-duty washed coal measurement has always been regarded as the "heart of the project".

The successful application of EA-COAL solves the problem of accurate ash detection in the process of heavy media coal washing, provides accurate ash reference data for washing control system, and makes ash-density intelligent regulation possible. The target value of ash control is set at 11.10%, and through the intelligent analysis of suspension sorting density and refined coal ash data, the process lag time T0 and analyzer capacity lag time T1 are calculated, and the system execution cycle T is determined to be 15 minutes. The intercepted picture shows the curve controlled by the intelligent module of the coking coal heavy-discharge system concentrate ash index in 6 consecutive hours. When the ash data of the heavy-duty coal concentrate exceeds the limit value, the system adjusts the sorting density of the heavy-duty suspension in time to ensure the stability of the ash data.

EA-COAL can also detect Fe and S in the coal stream. Through the detected Fe content, it monitors the situation of the medium within coal in the processing process, and according to the change of this data, it can judge the state of the de-sintering screen material and water spraying in time, which adds a new management tool for better control and management of medium consumption.

By applying EA-COAL, together with the intelligent density control system, the ash deviation of the ash return control system is 0.26% during the operation period, which is 0.18% lower than (dispatch data) the traditional manual ash standard deviation of 0.44%. According to the analysis report of this coal processing plant, it is measured that the theoretical recovery rate of fine coal is increased by 0.95%, and this alone can create economic benefits of more than 27 million RMB per year.

The lack of accurate and reliable online coal quality testing equipment has been a short board problem that restricts the development of the whole coal processing industry. Now, the neutron activation coal quality analysis technology is applied to the online testing of heavy lump coal quality, and the long-term ash measurement accuracy is kept within 0.15%, which solves the problem of intelligent sorting control of heavy lump coal based on coal quality online testing data, and it has laid the foundation for the construction of high-level intelligent coal processing plant.

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