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New Generation of Iron Slurry Grade Analyzer Is Coming with Brilliance
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In the iron ore concentrator, the grade parameters of the key links such as raw ore, concentration and tailings are important indicators in the production of the concentration. It is of great significance to realize real-time and accurate online detection, which is of great significance to optimize production and intelligent control of the concentrator! With the rapid development of domestic intelligent mines, the construction of intelligent concentrator is also becoming more and more perfect. Intelligent beneficiation is an intelligent beneficiation technology based on the development of cloud computing and big data. It can realize the automatic balance of ore dressing process by real-time detection of the operation status of various equipment in the concentrator site, and intelligent analysis of big data, timely issuing reasonable control instructions. The beneficiation process is a complex process with multi parameters and variables. The pulp grade is one of the key parameters. It can ensure the real-time, accurate and high precision of the pulp grade index detection, which plays an important role in guiding production, saving chemicals, controlling product quality and improving recovery rate.


Without Tradition, With Innovation

The traditional iron ore pulp grade detection is based on the laboratory sampling test method, and the result of grade fluctuation can only be known after a few hours, which is very lagging and cannot control and adjust the process flow in real time.


Manual sampling and a large number of nodes often lead to very high deviation results;


The traditional processing of deviation results is generally to adjust the sampling method, frequency, outlier throw and so on. The detection is time-consuming and laborious, but the results are not satisfactory.

The application of slurry grade analyzer is restricted by the field conditions, such as insufficient height difference of pulp flow, too large proportion of slurry impurities, etc., and the application environment is relatively bad, dark, humid, and even leakage, ore leakage, corrosiveness, etc., which greatly affects the adaptability of the meter.


In order to solve these problems, DFMC has devoted itself to research and development, and has successfully developed the latest Online Iron Ore Pulp Grade Analyzer through repeated experiments. The Grade Analyzer can be directly installed on the pulp pipe or the outlet of the chute for drainage. The internationally advanced high-energy x-ray tube is used to excite the characteristic energy spectrum of iron in the pulp, and the method of energy dispersion is used to analyze the content of iron in the measured material. It can be used for on-line detection of raw ore, concentration, tailings and other process points in the iron ore dressing process, with real-time, fast, accurate and stable characteristics It can provide real-time grade detection data for production and automatic control, and improve the qualified rate of iron ore products.


Sincere Service, Customers’Achievement

After more than half a year's observation and use, the Online Iron Ore Grade Analyzer installed in X concentrator is sensitive to the change of on-site grade, reliable in operation and stable in output signal. It realizes the real-time on-line detection of ore particle grade in flowing pulp, and the measurement results are accurate. It plays an important role in the intelligent construction of the concentrator and has been well received recognized by on-site personnel and technicians and experts.


Before the installation of Iron Slurry Grade Analyzer in X Co., Ltd., the grade of iron concentrate production fluctuated greatly, which had a great impact on the sales of concentrate powder. When the grade of iron concentrate is higher than 65%, the price is tens of yuan higher than that when the grade is lower than 64%. In order to stabilize the grade of iron concentrate and improve the efficiency of the enterprise, Makeng mining company used an Iron Slurry Grade Analyzer on site in April 2020, and uploaded the real-time detection data of the grade Analyzer to the dispatching center. According to these data, the dispatching center timely adjusted the production situation of iron concentrate. Finally, the grade of iron concentrate was stabilized at about 65%, and the daily gross profit was increased by more than 100000 yuan.


Since the installation of this Iron Slurry Grade Analyzer in April 2020, X Group has adjusted the production equipment and working conditions according to the real-time display data of the grade analyzer, which has played an important role in guiding on-site production, saving manpower and power costs, and improving economic benefits.



Never Stop, The Future Is Coming

The construction of intelligent concentrator is not achieved in one move. It needs intelligent control, intelligent detection, intelligent optimization and intelligent decision-making to go hand in hand. Online detection instrument is indispensable. As an active practitioner and important promoter of intelligent mine, DFMC has fully demonstrated its technology foresight in the cooperation with major mining enterprises. We will continue to work hard in this field to provide users with more accurate, practical and reliable instruments like Online Iron Slurry Grade Analyzer, and create a bright future of intelligent concentrator with all miners!

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