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26G Radar Lever sensor

The instrument adopts 26GHz high frequency microwave pulse signal for measuring various process conditions of vessels, tanks, silos, etc.

It can solve a series of measurement problems such as heavy dust, poor material shape and weak signal echo in solid bin level measurement. The product can be applied in solid level measurement conditions to show its excellent general measurement capability. For example, in the extremely dusty silo, there are a variety of interference factors affecting the measurement. This instrument can provide users with its unique measurement advantages, to ensure the accuracy and stability of measurement data.


The instrument adopts K-band pulse wave for high measurement accuracy and reliability.

Non-contact measurement makes the level sensor suitable for various complex working conditions and applications.

Adopting 8° beam angle for material surface detection, it can also guarantee a good signal reflection surface when the material surface appears rugged and complicated.

The instrument has a strong ability to identify and process interference echoes, effectively eliminating false echoes caused by interferences in the silo, ensuring accurate and stable measurement.

The instrument has the function of memorizing and locating the interference inside the bin, which eliminate the interference caused by ladders, beams and other unavoidable obstacles inside the bin.

Reasonable air blowing system design can overcome the antenna blockage in heavy dust environment, which guarantees stable operation and saves maintenance cost.

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