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Intelligent Ball Feeding System


The traditional ball feeding method is done manually,which not only has high labor intensity and high risk factor,but also has high cost and low efficiency,and also it has shortcomings such as inaccurate ball feeding and untimely ball feeding.The application of intelligent ball feeding machine completely solves these problems.The intelligent ball feeding system developed by DFMC adopts advanced control concepts, combines rich field experience, and continuously iterates technology on the basis of traditional ball feeding machines,optimizes the design of ball taking mechanism and transmission mode, and innovatively makes solutions for the common phenomenon of ball jamming and ball blocking in ball feeding machines, and realizes the optimal strategy of ball feeding methods.


The intelligent ball feeding system has a high degree of intelligence,which can automatically run according to the setting,and realize timing and quantitative continuous ball feeding according to the mill operation rate and operation information;It can switch the ball feeding mode,automatically calculate the number of ball feeding and it can be compatible with the existing DCS system of the mineral processing plant,so that the ball mill ball feeding can achieve scientificity,regularity and controllability and greatly improve the grinding efficiency.

The intelligent ball feeding system has four operation modes:manual mode,ball replenishment mode,automatic mode and intelligent mode,which greatly meets the actual production requirements and it has high compatibility with the DCS system of the mineral processing plant.

1. Manual mode:

In this mode,the ball feeding machine can continuously feed balls, and the number of balls feed is displayed on the screen,and it is necessary to manually stop the ball feeding work.

2. Ball replenishment mode:

This mode is suitable for the situation of putting a large number of steel balls at one time and after reaching the set number of balls, the system stops feeding balls.

3. Automatic mode:

This mode is suitable for feeding balls according to the set time interval and number of balls.According to the set parameters,the system reaches the interval time and adds the set number of balls to achieve a timed and quantitative ball feeding method.

4. Intelligent mode:

This mode is an unattended operation ball feeding method,according to the ball weight and ball consumption ratio (measured by the factory),the set ore volume value is calculated and when the belt ore amount is equal to the set value,a steel ball is feed.

The intelligent ball feeding system mainly includes three parts:the ball feeding machine body,the transmission system and the control system.Among them,the ball feeding machine body is composed of ball barn,vibration system,ball catching system and ball receiving system;The drive system is directly driven by a geared motor and it is easy to maintain.The control system adopts PLC and touch screen of international famous brands.The ball claw on the ball grabbing system is driven by the motor and the reducer to rotate,and the steel ball on the comb plate is grabbed and falls into the ball receiving system,which triggers the photoelectric sensor installed on the ball receiving system to realize the counting of steel balls.When there is a situation such as blocking the ball,the vibration system is activated to eliminate the problem of ball blocking in the ball compartment.


Advantage and   features


Core   components can be replaced,mixed with the different diameter steel ball,to   achieve multi-purchase of one machine


Special   loosening mechanism to solve the problem of poor equipment catching the ball   caused by stopping and blocking the ball


Different   operation mode,flexible switching of local operation and remote control


Optimize   the structure of the ball barn to avoid the blockage of the ball outlet   caused by the accumulation of steel balls


Accept   non-standard customization to meet customer requirements


It   can realize remote monitoring of the ball catching situation and dynamic   detection of the weight change of the ball in the ball barn


Wide   range of ball addition,the diameter of the steel ball is extended to   20mm-150mm


The   capacity of the ball barn accepts non-standard customization and the   large-capacity ball barn can be customized


Special   maintenance door,easier maintenance of the detection unit


The   ball catching end has a protective door that can be opened,which is more   convenient for observation and maintenance


Special   baffle design to effectively reduce motor energy consumption


The   traditional structure is directly connected and maintenance costs are lower


Multi-steel   ball ratio feeding series solutions are available


Production specification list

Production   specification(length*width*height) mm


Ball   carrying capacity(t)


About   2.0



About   1.8



About   1.6



About   1.3


Remark:The ball barn supports non-standard customization


System Parameter List



Designated   Value


Max.amount of   ball feeding

20   units/min

Steel   diameter Φ20mm~Φ150mm

50   units/min

Steel   diameter Φ20mm~Φ150mm

Power of main   motor


Steel   diameter Φ20mm~Φ150mm


Steel   diameter Φ20mm~Φ150mm

Size   specification


Ball barn   capacity


Customized   on demand

Communication   interface


Customized   on demand

Power supply


Customized   on demand

Mill operation is a very important link in mineral processing production. It is an operation with large investment, high energy consumption and large steel consumption in the mineral processing plant, and the mill production capacity and product quality directly affect the technical and economic indicators of the mineral processing plant. Whether the loading amount and proportion of grinding medium in the mill are suitable or not is an important factor that directly affects the grinding production capacity and product quality. As far as ball mill is concerned, under the optimal filling rate, the output of the mill is relatively high, the product fineness meets the requirements, the power consumption per unit product is the lowest, and the technical and economic benefits are in the optimal state. Reasonable ball loading and ball feeding system is one of the important factors to improve grinding efficiency.

This product is suitable for ball feeding control of mill. The field practice results show that the intelligent ball feeding machine system runs smoothly, has high ball feeding precision, effectively avoids the phenomenon of ball sticking and blocking, and the operation is more humanized.

Automatic Ball Feeder series intelligent ball feeder system uses a special low-speed motor to drive the metal chain to rotate to add balls. Through the control of programmable controller, it can adjust the ball feeding amount in time according to the ore handling capacity and mill load to achieve the best effect. The control system of pelletizing machine can show the situation of pelletizing in the form of trend and report for the reference of technical personnel, control the best pelletizing ratio data, overcome the shortcomings of manual pelletizing, reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the steel consumption and power consumption of grinding, and bring direct economic benefits for the concentrator.

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