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Zou Laichang,President of Zijin Mining Group visited DFMC to guide the work
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On March 11,2023,Zou Laichang,president of Zijin Mining Group visited DFMC to inspect and guide the work,he fully affirmed the development of DFMC.Accompanied by Bao Liangqing,Chairman of DFMC,President Zou Laichang successively visited the National Major Scientific Instrument R&D Center,Intelligent Control,Informatization and Industrial Robot R&D Center,Easter Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park,listened to the reports of intelligent mining and intelligent instruments related technical departments at DFMC Headquarter.

In the China National Major Scientific Instrument R&D Center of DFMC,President Zou Laichang and his entourage learned in detail the whole process of R&D and production of large-scale industrial online detection and analysis instruments,such as method research,R&D design,liquid solid-state intelligent sampling design,production commissioning,fully automated laboratory,exchanged with experts on high-end analytical instruments such as neutron-activated copper ore multi-element analyzer and neutron-activated slurry high-precision analyzer.

In the R&D Center of DFMC Intelligent Control,Informatization and Industrial Robots,technical experts reported to President Zou Laichang and his party on the newly developed new generation of intelligent technologies and products,such as self-developed expert systems,series of intelligent inspection robots,operating robots,unmanned driving,intelligent dry separators,digital intelligent factory platforms,industrial data platforms and digital twin systems.

In the DFMC Easter Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park,President Zou Laichang and his entourage listened to Chairman Bao Liangqing's report on the development of DFMC artificial intelligence industry,and conducted field visits to key R&D platforms and laboratories such as intelligent cyclones,unmanned driving,neutron generators and watched the operation demonstration.

At the headquarter of DFMC,President Zou Laichang and his entourage came to the technical departments of intelligent mining and intelligent instruments respectively,learned in detail about the research and development and production of system products,such as intelligent scheduling,unmanned underground electric trains,unmanned open-pit mine trucks,unmanned open-pit mine drilling rigs,unmanned underground scrapers,mill status analyzer,ultrasonic particle size analyzer,intelligent operation and maintenance,etc.

Afterwards,the two parties held a discussion.President Zou Laichang fully affirmed the scientific and technological strength and project achievements of DFMC,as well as the scientific and technological research and development team,and believed that DFMC is an enterprise with feelings,strategic vision and great development potential.President Zou Laichang pointed out that Zijin Mining needs to achieve the goal of building a world-class international mining company by 2030,and urgently needs automation and intelligent technology to empower it.DFMC is an important partner of Zijin Mining and the cooperation between the two parties in large-scale mineral processing automation projects,intelligent scheduling of open-pit mine vehicles,large-scale online detection and analysis instruments and other aspects has achieved remarkable results,it is hoped that DFMC will continue to provide technical support for Zijin Mining in terms of intelligent sensing instruments,intelligent equipment,robots,intelligent control, intelligent management and other aspects,enhance the ability of mines to continuously reduce costs and increase efficiency,put forward modular and standardized development ideas for the industry to promote intelligent mine construction.

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